Download problems

Hello, I’ve been loving and enjoying the SSiW app very much so far and never ran into any issues. As I’m also learning Spanish, I decided to give the SSiS app a go as well - but for some reason I can neither listen to nor download any lessons - not even the first five. I have looked through multiple entries on here about this issue already and I’ve tried various things such as killing off the app, re-downloading or checking if my ios version is up to date, but none of these things have helped so far. When I tap on the download button it will just show me the cloud with the x in it and nothing else will happen. I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this. Diolch :grinning:

Very sorry for this frustration - tagging our tech folk @Kinetic and @lewie to see if they can help - if you don’t hear from them in the next day or so, do please drop a line to so that it can be passed on to them… :slight_smile:

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Mimi - apologies if you’ve already checked this, but I don’t see it mentioned above in your list of things you tried - are you logged in when using the app? Visit the Settings tab to check this.

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Yes, I am. I tried it both with and without being logged in…

I also tried to see if I might have a similar issue with the Manx app, but everything is running just as smoothly as with the Welsh app with this one. I even tried it again just now to see if it makes any difference whether I’m logged in or not there but it doesn’t seem to be an issue at all. It’s just the Spanish app my phone doesn’t seem to want to warm up to - or vice versa :speak_no_evil::sweat_smile:

It turns out the first five were victim of a server crash. Should be working correctly now!

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Yes, i can download them now!

It seems as though there is still a problem for rest of level 1, at least for me. I was actually planning to jump straight to level 2 because I’m on a quite fast paced class in uni and therefore relatively far along, and this time I just took the leap and tried to pay for the first ten lessons and they are working just fine!

I’m sorry to have bothered you with the problem about level 1 now, but I was under the impression I couldn’t download anything at all, and if I understood it correctly from your reply, the problem wasn’t at my end, so I thought I should let you know about the other lessons in level 1 as well.

Anyways, diolch yn fawr for your help!! :blush: