Double speed listening practise

Loving the course so far! I am on session 10 but the listening practise is double speed - has anyone had this issue? I’ve tried listening to it on the site and downloading it and they’re both the same. Any advice to rectify it would be appreciated!:slight_smile:

There’s nothing to rectify @emadams, it’s actually intended to be double-speed! The idea is for you to get your ear in just listening. Don’t try and understand it, let it flow over you, but eventually you will recognise words, phrases, and then sentences. Despite seeming counter-intuitive, the method has been proven over and over again to help people in their learning and listening skills.

The issue has been discussed on the forum previously, for instance here:

Oh gosh ok! Thanks for telling me and linking the thread, I did attempt to find the question but not familiar with how to navigate the forum yet. Diolch! :smile: