Does Lingo Newydd digital edition now NOT include audio?

I just bought this month’s issue of Lingo Newydd (the digital version on the apGolwg app), and I was surprised to see it does not include any audio with the text. I haven’t bought the magazine for a while actually, but in the last issue I bought it had clickable audio so you could hear how everything in it was pronounced. Did they stop adding audio? If so, that’s very disappointing as it was a great addition, especially for Welsh learners.

Someone who has bought it recently may be better placed to answer your specific question, but I thought with the digital version you could use the app to listen to different people reading the articles. Is that still the case?

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Previously with the digital version there were little audio icons next to each bit of text which you could click on to hear the audio, but they don’t seem to be there in the latest issue.

I subscribe to both printed and digital version. I get access to the spoken articles although accessing the audio download can sometimes be a little erratic.

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