Do any SSiW chats take place on Skype rather than Hangouts?

I hope so?

There are some people who do skype. I’m afraid I’m not one of them though, I prefer the hangouts.

Our hangouts go through the Welsh Speaking Practice group on the Slack app/site, so while they are technically google hangouts (piggybacked by Slack), they are only open to people in the group where the links to join in are posted.

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Bore da Siaron. Thanks for the reply. Is there any way to know who does skype?

There are probably a few Skype chats, but they’re just arranged informally by people who’ve met on here. That’s how I found my Australia Skype partner. We like to chat one-to-one.

Some people like the group hangouts, others do spontaneous chats on Slack and some arrange their own Skype chats.

Is it that you don’t like Hangouts for technical reasons, or do you prefer chatting one-to-one rather than in a group? If you haven’t already joined the Slack forum, I can recommend it as a good way of finding people to chat with.

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Thanks Margaret. I will look into it further.

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yes, absolutely - if it’s the group nature of hangouts that doesn’t appeal, it’s dead easy to have 1-to-1 chats in the WSP group on Slack too :slight_smile:

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