Disappearing course

Hello, I recently completed the introduction to something in welsh. I had left it for a while and thought I might repeat it. However I cannot find the intro and it opens as a “challenge”. Further I have two options of challenges. Can you please tell me what is going on so I can continue

There were lessons, north or south, three courses, with an introduction. Then @aran came up with the idea of a less formal format and more colloquial Cymraeg, so designed a set of Challenges, Level 1, which @Iestyn and Cat voiced for the south. Then Level 2 began to be made… after that, I’m not sure because I chat on here and feel my hiraeth wash away, and am sometimes helpful, often annoying…but have not reached Level 2 yet!!! I think most of us would advise you to start at Level 1!!!
p.s. @aran is in process of moving house, so a bit busy just now!

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Oh diolch Louis bach!!!

I’d recommend you start with Level 1 - but if you’d rather carry on with the older Courses, you can find them by clicking on ‘Challenges’ up at the top there… :slight_smile:

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Just a little thing to point out: when you click “Challenges” here in the forum, it’ll take you to the main part of the website, at which point you’ll have to click on Challenges again in order to bring up the list of courses. The ones labelled “Course” are the old ones, while the ones labelled “Level” are the new.