Directional Turning

Turning - Just been watching Now You’re Talking series. Prog 20 of 36.
I have 2 questions.

  1. Does anybody know if a second series was ever made as the final prog hints at a subsequent series.
  2. Anybody explain why when explaining how to make a directional turn - Cymerwych y troad cyntaf ar y dde, = Take the turn first on the right. When it’s the second turning = Cymerwych yr ail droad ar y dde. Take the second turn on the right - the word order is transposed. Cymerwych y trydydd troad ar y dde. Take the third turn on the right, there is no softening of troad as like droad in the second turn to the right.

That’s just how ordinal numbers work in Welsh - y peth cyntaf, yr ail beth, y trydydd peth and so on.

Ail causes a soft mutation - trydydd doesn’t… :slight_smile:

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