Dipping in and out

Shwmae, dwin hen, dwin moyn siarad Cymraeg ond allau ddim cofio - mae’n galed!
I’ve dipping into SSIW on & off for approx 2 years; age, enrrgy levels & family problems all take their toll. I’ve watched Nicky & Tatjana in absolute awe but I don’g seem to be getying any further. Anyway, its good to read the Qs & As on the Forum & I live the Word of the Week.
Hwyl fawr pawb.


Hi Rosemary. There’s a Chinese saying (apparently it’s Chinese anyway) that says fall down five times, get up six. In other words, as long as you keep coming back and pushing on a bit, you’ll get there in the end. You’ve obviously retained quite a bit to get that first sentence out in Welsh, so what you’re doing is working. Mayne you’ll be able to have a run at it soon.

Remember, you’re not supposed to be able to remember everything perfectly. You’ll get that from experience, which comes in future lessons, and in real life conversations. So work on, and see how far you get.

I hoe your family problems sort out soon, and you get a chance to do what you obviously want to so much.

Keep smiling, keep trying, and don’t be afraid of moving forward slowly. Just be afraid of stopping!


Diolch o galon Iestyn, I WILL keep going! (Chinese & Welsh are very wise)


Croeso yn ôl, Rosemary! (Welcome back, Rosemary!)

You’ll get there. It’s a testament that you keep coming back and you can generate a strong Welsh sentence. I like what Iestyn said and it’s true. If you can find even 5 minutes a day, listening in your car, train ride, walking the dog…some other activity where your brain has extra space to learn Welsh, you’ll be surprised how much more Welsh you’re able to speak.


Diolch yn fawr Delaware, good idea - I regularly travel by train between Bristol & Caerphilly so do get a bit of practice listening to the station announcements! Thank you for the encouragement.


Hi Rosemary! I also dip in and out, although a bit more regularly than you, perhaps, and sometimes I’m surprised when I move on to the next lesson just how much I can answer and how naturally it comes to me. I think a little bit of a gap can sometimes help things to sink in subconsciously.

The important thing, of course, is that you DO keep coming back!


I will Stephen, diolch yn fawr for the encouragement.

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