Diolch yn fawr ssiw

Thank you very much ssiw. I have been on this site for 5 months now this is my first post. Having just spent the weekend in Dublin with my Welsh speaking best mate, it is the first opportunity I have had to really use my Welsh. We were both amazed by how much we could converse in Welsh. I am now more determined than ever to keep improving my Welsh. This website and the people running it has made it possible for many people to learn Welsh whilst not living in Wales. I am lucky enough to be moving back to Wales and will be sending both my daughters to Welsh medium school. Thank you again ssiw for this opportunity. Cymru am byth


Ahhh, what a happy story!

Welcome to the forum @TomPowell. I hope here will be many more posts like this from you from now on and if there’s a problem or obstacle don’t hesitate to come on here and write the thingy down. Here’s always someone who will be at hand in particular moment to help or give some advise.

Good job so far and happy learning!

Hwyl! :slight_smile:

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Great story - thanks for sharing it! Croeso ar fforwm!

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I like this story. I hope some day I can do something similar, and its encouraging to see other people’s success with learning. :smiley: :blossom:


What a great story, Tom - thank you very much for sharing it with us, because it will certainly inspire others… :sunny:

I agree with all the others! I hope you enjoyed the game. There is a thread on here for 6 nations, in fact there are threads on here for most things!!! Fungi! Slime moulds!! Dancing dragons!!!
p.s. As you are not in Wales yet, have you signed the petition to keep S4C funded properly?

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Great story and glad to welcome you after your first post!

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SSIW am byth!

Croeso, Tom. SSiW is certainly the best way to learn Welsh.