Difficulty getting on new site

Someone I know in the Bay View group is having a bit of trouble getting on this new site.

Paid up member and all that, but though she was able a while ago to get on at first and download lessons, she can’t seem to get on to the site now- to get on the forum or the lessons.

So she hasn’t visited the forum in ages. Bit of a shame! She puts her email in and it says something along the line of not registered.

Now this means she can’t leave messages about the problem on this new site, as she can’t access the forum! And though I might suggest leaving a message on the old forum, it seems much more difficult to get onto that now.

Um… Can I send her old username to someone to see if something has gone wrong? Or what is the best thing to do here?

Not sure if it’s related but my work PC has stopped letting me see the Ssiw website at all. At best I get a blank page or error message. Will check details when I get to work (but then I won’t be able to post them till I get home - doh!)

Ow, let me know her username, and I’ll see what’s going on. If it says she’s not registered, there’s a fighting chance that her account didn’t get transferred properly (which should have happened for a paid up member). I’ll fix it, though, if you PM me her username, or stick it in here…:smile: