Derby Oneday Welsh School Saturday 20th September

It’s just over a month til the 2014 Derby Welsh Learners Circle One day Welsh School and if you live within reasonable travelling distance there is a warm welcome for Welsh learners and speakers of all levels.
There will be 4 levels this year. Beginners, lower intermediate, higher intermediate and advanced and plenty of ipportunity to use your Welsh.
Also we will be welcoming a number of first language Welsh speakers from Nottingham Welsh Society.
Drinks and a lunch of soup bread and cheese is provided in the fifteen pounds charge. (Twelve pounds for pensioners/concessions).
If you are interested see the booking form at Dewch yn llu!

I’ll be there and I’m really looking forwards to it.


Looking forward to seeing you there Stu.

Hello Jonathan. Can we still book for the Workshop, or is it now too late?


Booking form here Valerie; just send it off with payment!




dwin dod 'fyd

Diolch Stu. Will have to fire up my confidence to take part.


Its very friendly Valerie, with different groups for different levels of experience. You will have a great time!



Look forward to meeting you Valerie!

Derby Oneday Welsh School 20.9.14 places still available Booking Form