Defnyddio "cymorth" yn lle "help"/"helpu"?

Hello good people,

I recently encountered the word “cymorth”. According to my dictionary, it can mean “help”, “assistance”, “support” when used as a noun, and “to help”, to “assist”, “to support” when used as a verb.

Now, here’s my question: is “cymorth” an acceptable alternative to “help” (n.) and “to help” (v.)? Would it work in most contexts? Here are a few examples…

  • Diolch am eich cymorth.
  • Allwch chi fy nghymorth, os gwelwch yn dda?
  • Oes eisiau i ti gymorth heddiw?
  • Gwnaf i dy gymorth di.

Generally speaking, I try to avoid English-sounding words in Welsh as I don’t like them. This is simply a personal preference. I can’t help it, please don’t lapidate me!

And so, I’m on a constant journey to find alternatives to these words, whenever possible.

Thank you all for your time and I look forward to reading your suggestions.


You can use cymorth for help, although the connotations are usually more for things like “first aid” or “financial support”. In day-to-day situations you may sound a bit stilted, just as in English you could say “Thank you for your assistance”.

However, cymorth is only usable as a noun (and while verbs can be used as nouns in Welsh, that doesn’t work the other way round) – the verb you are looking for is cynorthwyo.