Deep End (week 7)

For the last few weeks I’ve been listening to the listening exercise (Level 2 Challenge 25) followed by a minimum of 10 minutes of Radio Cymru. We’ve been encouraged to do this listeming exercise everyday at around the same time. I decided to do mine as soon as I was up and dressed, which meant preping breakfast while the listening exercise was on and then 10 minutes of Post Cyntaf usually including the 08:00 news bulletin.
I’ve learned a lot about Brexit, the party conferences and all manner of items including an item about 5G this morning which poetically got cut off due to a bad internet connection!

Today I did it out of habit only to receive our email to tell us to stop it for a day!! I’ll have to do that tomorrow to see how it feels - it will be a bit weird I suspect.

But listening to Radio Cymru I’ve discovered my new favourite show - I’ve even had my name checked on it! - Recordiau Rhys Mwyn (Monday evenings but also on i-player) - a real eclectic mix of rock, folk blues and soul - old music and new presented in a beautiful clear measure tone by Rhys. I suspect, listening to some of his musical choices we are of a similar age and experienced some of the same musical influences. A wonderful show.


Well you know my feelings… I have to be careful not to overdose. I fear I’ll go bright pink if I ever meet him again… There are reasons for embarrassment, not mere bashfulness, nor my frustration that I cannot quite remember the word he emphasised when giving us the most wonderful guided tour of Castell D/Trefaldwyn…

The word was “feature” and there was a “nod” in it…

To anyone who was there in the car park as we gathered for his walk&talk, I shall just say “mushrooms & wildflower” handy laminated guide from the Wildlife Trust at Y Trallwng…

@nia.llywelyn :smile::upside_down_face::blush: (I’ve got a little crush on RM, I think…)

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Yep! Best show, I agree!
I’m still a bit confused by Welsh names at the moment and it took a while to realize he had a great label (Recordiau Anhrefn, I don’t think it’s still active) and even released some of my favorite Welsh records!

By the way also like this song - no idea of what they say, and not sure it’s the kind for the Music thread so I’m posting it here :grimacing:

He gives guided tours now? :open_mouth:
That would be interesting - you can talk about music during breaks! :smiley:


One of the great delights of making yourself at home in a smaller language - everything is that bit closer… :slight_smile: :star: :star2:

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Hey this is true (and I love that by the way)!

But at this point I’m kinda curious: what does having one’s name checked on a radio show mean? :thinking:


Pawb yn nabod pawb as Tegwen says as she tries to introduce her friends to each other only to find out they’re already aquainted!


He’s an archaeologist by profession!


Here, ‘name checked’ = ‘name mentioned’… :slight_smile:

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@aran @gisella-albertini “name checked”
That expression is news to me! Thanks for clarifying!

A fact I did not know… I had not really understood what this “picnic” was, did not know of a Rhys Mwyn, had not realised there was a talk/guided tour, I’d just found out and assumed it was “environmental/ecological/natural world” did not know there was a castle really, I knew there was going to be a singsong with musical instruments requested.

Rhys was wearing a bottle green polo shirt, with a logo too small to read at a distance, the sort of cap and trousers that might be a park ranger’s, warden’s uniform, and was chatting to people assembling in the car park. He seemed a very approachable and encouraging person and I was really chuffed at the free goodies (Welsh/English guides to apple varieties of Wales, for example) from the Wildlife Trust office where I’d done some Welsh in the Wild venturing to the one of two staff/volunteers who spoke Welsh. So RM was a little surprised to be offered a guide to Fungi, and Nia shown the wildflower guide…

Less family picnic, more serious chance to get lowdown on archaeology, I discovered, but there you go, I had not actually understood the poster properly, and it was a day of impromptu happenings and decisions for me. I had assumed RM was a local ranger, not that he had driven miles to join us and share his archaeological specialism!

So now you know why I am grateful to RM for not batting an eyelid at this madwoman, who quietly cringes at the thought of how I must have come over in those first few moments…

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You may be interested to know that Rhys Mwyn is interviewed by Nia Parry in an episode of “Adre” which is still available on iPlayer for another 13 days from today.



Link Adre, Cyfres 2: Rhys Mwyn: via @bbciplayer


Rhys is fab! My husband (Mike) regularly gets a mention on the show, and I sent a review of the welsh gigs that were organised in leeds this year. he is an archaeologist, as well as musician. He was heavily involved in Catatonia. I really like all the shows on BBC radio cymru from 7 - 10. Huw Stephens on Thursday is great, the folk and world stuff with Georgia Ruth on Tuesday is great too.


Sounds like we have the same musical tastes. My 3 favorite shows too

Today I missed not doing my listening exercise and Radio Cymru…mainly because I had to get a 06:20 filght from Manchester to Mallorca. As it was such a different day I didn’t miss it too much…but I still did my daily challenge on the plane!


Impressive commitment! :star2: