Decided to start a new Welsh project

Helo pawb,

My name is Luke and I’m a football coach/analyst. I was born in Wales but moved to England at a young age so my Welsh language education was extremely minimal until I downloaded SSiW last year. I have decided to start a new analysis series on Welsh Men’s team (hopefully followed by work on the women’s team in the future - dependent on coverage when they play abroad)…in Welsh. It is a very short piece compared to my usual work but the idea is this - I want to test my Welsh by doing what I know best and if anyone is interested in the Welsh language, Welsh football or both then they can share the journey with me. It is my level of Welsh and I don’t want to pretend to be better or worse than I am. Hopefully it can help fellow learners develop their reading/writing skills as well!

I have two versions of my first piece - the original and the one with some corrections (courtesy of Dee and Aran of SSiW, diolch yn fawr). Aran had a great idea which was to put out the original version so that learners could try and work out where the mistakes are (if they so wish). If anyone wants this version, drop me an email at

The published version can be found at If you want to test your Cymraeg, read about Welsh football, or both, hopefully you’ll enjoy this. It’s the closest I can think of to doing something to positively help the language beyond just learning it myself.

I am also on twitter at @lukewilliamspd.

Diolch pawb!


Hi Luke,
I must admit I’m not at all into football, but what a marvellous way of jumping in with your Welsh. All the very best to you with the project. :smiley:

I don’t know if you’ve come across the ParallelCymru online magazine, but I’m tagging @neilrowlands in case putting an article and/or link in there would be of interest to readers and of help to your project.


Thank you, that’s very kind :smiley:.

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Da iawn ti a pob lwc gyda’ch prosiect.


Diolch yn fawr :smile:!

Wow. This is very sophisticated…such detailed analysis!..we know who to come to next when Ryan moves on!

Rich :slight_smile:


Haha thank you Rich, much appreciated :smile:!

Really enjoyed and benefited from this in terms of practising reading Welsh, even though I too am not usually a football fan!
Will you let us know on this forum each time you make a new post? :slight_smile:

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Thank you, that’s fantastic to hear :smile:. Yes I am happy to update this thread as and when.

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Blog 2 is done! For anyone who doesn’t know, there are no international games between March and June, hence the delay.

For anybody interested, the link is There will be mistakes (but hopefully less as I’ve of course been practicing Welsh for three more months now!). I couldn’t say a lot of what I wanted to as my Welsh isn’t good enough yet but the whole point of the blog is that it is written at my Welsh level at the time of writing - and that is how it will continue to be done.

Thank you for the support with the first blog, I hope people enjoy this one and find it useful.


I really enjoyed reading this! :grin:

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Thank you Anthony, I appreciate that :grin: .

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Blogiau newydd:

Tîm Dynion -

Tîm Merched -

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