"Ddudest ti" vs. "wnest ti ddweud"

In the challenge to say “you said” is duddest ti, in the intro course it appears that it is “nest ti dweud”. Is either correct?

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Or mi wnest ti dweud (bit too formal )

Or wnest ti dweud

Probably more aswell!

“Gwnest ti ddweud” (the ‘g’ is silent) is basically “You did say”. “Dwedaist ti” is closer to “You said”. It’s because where in English we go subject verb object (the cat sat on the mat), in Welsh it’s usually verb subject object (sat the cat on the mat). As I understand it, you’ll hear the former more often in the north, and the latter more often in the south, but as with all things this does vary.

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Is the title of this thread “Melbourne Australia meet up” for anyone else?

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Hmm… yes, it is for me too - @Kinetic some sort of Discourse hiccup going on?!

Hmm… could be, but it may have been created that way in error. In any case, I’ve updated it to reflect the actual topic now :slight_smile:

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