Dau beint o gwrw a phaced o greision

Hi guys,

If i wanted to ask for two pint of beer in welsh i would have said.

Gai dau beint o gwrw os gwelwch yn dda.

But i have just hear Matt Johnson on cariad@iath say…

Gai cael rhybeth…

Is the cael needed ?



I’m pretty sure the cael isn’t needed, since Ca i is the same as Dw i’n cael, and Ga i is the question version of that.

I think we talked about this in the old forum, and I think the conclusion was more or less that, no, the cael isn’t necessary, but it’s something you’ll hear a lot.

A bit like “nes i gwneud”. “(w)nes” is a short form for “gwneud”, so strictly it isn’t needed again, but one is still likely to hear it.

(and if you think about the English, there is little difference between:

“I did (that)” and
“I did do (that)”, and both are right.

Diolch y ddau.


Ga(f) i ddau beint o gwrw a phaced o greision plîs?