Dathlu Dydd Gŵyl Dewi yn Abertawe!

On 28th Febuary Swansea will be celebrating St David’s day with a festival, the first of it’s kind in Swansea! Organised by Menter iaith Abertawe, a lot of events will be going on in the city centre.
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It will be a bilingual event with a parade, choirs, bands, flash mob singing of welsh songs and hoping that the council will put the Rugby match on the TV in Castle Square in Welsh!
Looks like fun!

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Her are more details that I copied from their Facebook page-

A new festival to celebrate St David’s day, of living in Wales, the Welsh language, and to enjoy the bilingualism, and multi culturalism of what is modern day Wales. This will take place on Saturday February 28th 2015, in Swansea city centre. This will be aimed at children and the family. The event will continue later in the evening watching Wales live in the big screen. It will be colourful, fun, noisy, and participative.

Exact timings will follow but the day will consist briefly of:
12.30pm: Castle Square at the Castle grounds. Music, song, dancing and face painting, balloons along with various stalls, including food. The will be Flash mobing around the town centre of singing and dancing.
1.00pm: The parade will start around Swansea city centre, with music, parade bands, singing, banners, and flash mobs as the parade progresses.
2.00pm: The children can go to the Waterfront Museum where various activities are arranged, and the music starts.
2.oopm: Live music continues on stage, and choirs around the square.
4.50pm: National Anthem.
5.00pm: Wales V France live on the big screen - lots of singing.


This looks to be sensational…Here in Leeds the Society have arranged for a Service with a Welsh theme (anthem, hymns etc.) at Leeds Minster, beginning 10.30 on the Day itself. A slap-up meal hosted by Beryl Lee at ‘Browns’ on the Headrow follows (£25 per head)…Following last years ‘twmpath’ of a cymanfa ganu…this spring’s event will be at the Central Methodist Chapel, Wesley St. Morley (just off M.62) on Saturday May 9. I believe this ties in with the Manchester area event the following day?..Really hope we get to see pictures of the banners and flash mobs yn Abertawe!!!

Thanks Suart!
More info…
After the game there will be music in the evening. This will be based in the No Sign Bar in Wind Street. There will be music Cymraeg in the basement, and music Saesneg upstairs. No idea who is playing yet.

A little taster as to what is happening on Saturday https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=BIuABMI3Wsk

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