Dal ati/go for it!

In this Daily Post article on Joella Price there’s mention of a new two hour learners
programme starting 28th of September.

I was talking to Ffion on the Fflic stand and from what she said it sounds like it should be quite good. They are doing one hour, which will have Nia Parry talking to people around Wales, and Tinopolis are doing the other hour, which will take excerpts of programmes during the week and make them easier for learners to follow and understand.

The idea is that it will go beyond Hwb, focusing on encouraging learners to take that next step and stretching them a little.

Hoping the new programme takes Welsh learning another big step forward; in the way same as Hwb did.

It does sound good. Thanks for the link and info, Kim a Dee.

A little more on the new programme. Nice to see they’ll be encouraging fluent speakers to help learners “cross the bridge”. If only they could get a number of my friends in Pen-y-Groes to watch and take note…Perhaps, Nia could pop round to my mate Flem whose only advice is to tell me: “Stick to English!”
Was anyone at the launch?

Diolch yn fawr for the links, Kim. Really looking forward to the new programmes for learners in the autumn.

Starting Sunday, September 28th, according to the Cymru Fyw article. :slight_smile:

The only downside is that the broadcasts are scheduled for sunday mornings

Enjoyed yesterdays programmes. SSIW got a couple of mentions in the Learner of the Year.

Weekly series where Elin Llwyd guides viewers through some of the items shown on Heno or Prynhawn Da during the previous week, and Alun Williams visits people and places of interest to those learning Welsh.

Join Nia Parry for the second of two special programmes following this year’s ‘Learner of the Year’ competition held at the National Eisteddfod in Carmarthenshire. We meet the four finalists - Susan Carey, Nigel Annett, Holly Cross and Joella Price - and we’ll also join the award ceremony to see which of the four won the title, a trophy and £300.

I watched them both with one eye, I woke up every time they mentioned SSiW. :smiley:

For anyone wanting to send in videos promoting coffe mornings, learners meet-ups, happenings, etc the address is: boreda@tinopolis.com

Something on the Dal Ati Twitter site has just made me laugh. They’ve asked viewers what their favourite Welsh word is. Someone has replied: “Any word that does not mutate!” :smile:


Just seen, Hywel whose often on the Forum on last weeks show 24 minutes in.

Edrych 'mlân at glywed cofi yn defnyddio’r gair ‘c**t’ ar y teledu mewn eiliad.
Looking forward to hearing a Cofi using a very rude word on S4C in a few moments.

Edited to add: Boo! They bottled it! :laughing:

Yep!!! Had a laugh seeing the guide Emrys Llewelyn…When I was in Caernarfon the other week Emrys’ phone rang: Eavesdropping his conversation I heard that it was a producer from the Dim Byd sketch show asking him if he would appear in the show. They wanted his bare bum to be analysed by a “Japanese expert” who could then tell your fortune…I’m not making that up! :smile:

Enjoyed yesterdays show; especially watching Glyn Wise a former Big Brother contestant whose learnt Welsh and now teaches Welsh for Adults: 34 minutes in. I agree with his sentiment that their are now more Welsh speakers…
Nias new programme - Milltir - was good as well!

I always thought that Glyn Wise was a first language Welsh speaker and in fact when he was on BB he struggled with English sometimes and usually spoke Welsh to Imogen, with subtitles being used. I used to follow him on twitter but found a lot of his views not to my liking.

Yup Glyn Wise is first language from Blaenau Ffestiniog, though he does come from a family where only one parent speaks Welsh.

Definitely sounded like a learner to me. :smile:

It was Glyn Wise and Imogen Thomas’ Welsh conversations on Big Brother back in 2006 that got me łearning Welsh in the first place! :smiley: