Dal Ati competition

Help pawb
I just got a phone call from S4c to say I have won an iPad in the competition on Bore Da last Sunday, it must be my lucky day! Just goes to show it is worth entering.


Great!!! I had a go myself. Hopefully I’ll be more lucky this Sunday… :smile:

Llongyfarchiadau, Sandra! Well done for entering! :star:

Well done @sandramckenzie. By the way, do you live in the Rhos? I’m in Penycae … same mountain, different side. Do you go to any of the local chats, there’s a really friendly one in Saith Seren every monday night, even Jackos are welcome. :wink:

HI Gruntius - Yes I do live in Rhos. I have been to the meetings in the Saith Seren a few times and I have spoken to you a couple of times!! :smile: I haven’t been able to go over the summer, I have had too many other things going on. I’m hoping to be able to go on Monday, might see you there?

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Whoops, sorry @sandramckenzie, I really am absolutely useless with names. I will be there on Monday so I look forward it. :wink: