Daily/weekly practices

I’m finding it impossible to download practice sessions. I have a galaxy tablet and it has never been a problem in the past. As I haven’t tried to download anything for a while could my difficulties be linked to a re-vamp of the website? Thanks!

My experience is that there’s no Weekly practices on apps at all. I couldn’t find them already for quite a while however I thought this is kind of normal with new layouts and stuff and also didn’t pay much attention as I don’t need those practices anymore.

But, yes, maybe @Kinetic or @aran could peer into it a bit.

S’mae Gail?

As Tatjana says, I do not believe that daily and weekly practices exist with the new Levels, so if you are using the app, they may not be downloadable. However, you can reach the Course 1 weekly listening practice via the website here and the speaking one here if that helps.



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They shouldn’t be - Stu is exactly right that there aren’t any daily/weekly practices for the Levels, but you should still be able to navigate to the old Courses and their practice sessions - could you explain a bit more about what is happening? Are you finding the practice session pages okay? Are you getting any kind of an error message? :slight_smile:

Thank you for trying to help me out. I have been at the end of Course 3 for some time now and need to move on. I have definitely been using that and the daily/weekly practices as some kind of comfort blanket. I will now finish Course 3 and start the new challenges. Thank you for snapping me out of my malaise. Diolch yn fawr iawn!!


Weekly practices for old courses are available on the site but not in the app, neither new nor old so this might be a glitch worth fixing. I’m noticing this for quite a time already but since I don’t use them anymore I wasn’t too much allerted to this and didn’t post on here for that reason.

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Croeso mawr!

Yes, there’s nothing much to be gained from gnawing over the end of Course 3 - the Levels will give you much more of a kick forward, although you’ll probably find the first few sessions (refreshingly?!) easy…

What are you doing in terms of getting conversation practice sessions? That’s going to be key for you from this point on… :slight_smile:

Helo Aran a diolch am y croeso!
Yes, I will finish Cwrs 3 and then start the new challenges as you have suggested. Thanks!. We moved to Wales last year and are now living in the hills near Llangollen. As far as getting conversation practice I do use my Welsh in shops and with anyone who looks willing. I really need to use it more as I get a real buzz when I do. Maybe talking to someone on Skype could be the answer.

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You should have a good chance of being able to find a real life conversation partner around there - and you’re not far from the Saith Seren meetups in Wrecsam, too - Skype is a good fall-back, but if you can find someone in real life, you’re definitely ahead of the game… :slight_smile: