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Aran sent me a link which sent me to the - Daily Wales. No idea about the site but I’ll investigate over the weekend.

Eh? When was that, then?!

I received it on a Facebook link from you.

Ah, right, gotcha - I think I remember posting something on Facebook. I just don’t think of that as ‘sending’ someone a message…:wink:

I’ve really, really liked that site for a while!

Impartial? No. But you sometimes get information from it that would never be published in British newspapers or news sites.

And certainly with a different slant, which is important.

Very important.

However partial it is towards Wales as a nation, it is nowhere near as biased and full of propaganda as the British papers are the other way.

The BBC recently commissioned an oddly worded survey, written so that they could intentionally misinterpret the survey in order to print what are basically lies about the level of support for independence in Wales.

Part of the reaction to that should be having some sources of information as biased and propagandist as the British ones.

Well, Wales has some way to go before getting anything that biased, so will just have to make do with things like the Daily Wales, which, by the standards of British propaganda, leans towards the side of Wales on some things. Doubtless this means some people will regard it as ridiculously biased, just based on Welsh Nationalism and not as worthwhile as those marvelous British news sources which are not based on nationalism at all!

Anyhow, in relation to the different ways of reporting polls, a poll has recently showed that a majority of people in Wales think that schools should teach children to be able to communicate effectively in Welsh, and even the support for teaching some lessons through the medium of Welsh in all schools stands at 42% for as opposed to 48% against.

(The number for being actually higher than I would have thought! Encouraging statistics.
Unfortunately, the politicians in power will probably not react to this, or take a lead in forming opinion.)

As always with these polls, it asks people if they are Welsh speaking. It does not, however, ask them if they define themselves as Welsh (not were you born in Wales, not do I think you are Welsh, not do you define yourself as Welsh or British, just do they define themselves as Welsh).
I myself would find the breakdown of those figures relating to opinions interesting, and indeed relevant. It certainly doesn’t need to lead to accusations of bigotry or suchlike any more than the breakdown of figures according to Welsh language speaking or not does.


Yes, the independence debate in Scotland, and the subsequent hypocritical & hysterical overreaction from the English “NO” campaigners has opened a real can of worms, with people now asking for “devolution” for English regions and cities. The whole thing pretty much shows up the contradictions in what laughingly passes for the whole “British Constitution”.

In the years after the war, Britain (or England, really) gradually divested itself of its possessions abroad, but it hasn’t been able to face up to the reality of the contradiction at home.

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And furthermore, isn’t it time there was a “Welsh Broadcasting Corporation” to replace BBC Cymru Wales (funded by the Welsh Government and (perhaps) the Welsh license payers?)

Maybe the license for WBC could be set at half that for the BBC, and Welsh residents get a special deal on the BBC license fee (if they want it) for half price?

Well, if we had a Welsh Broadcasting Corporation, each individual in wales should be paying the same thing as now, surely?

But as it is now, the fact we are legally obliged to pay for the nationalist rubbish on the BBC is- well, quite frankly ridiculous. It certainly sticks in my craw.

We are legally obliged to pay for a broadcasting service which is devoted to what can be described as at best the belittling, sidelining, and humiliation of our country- and is, in effect (quite possibly consciously on their part) - contributing to the destruction of it as a country.

Every little dripping tap from the BBC humiliates Wales.

I certainly do not blame the English in any way.
I do not even blame the British Establishment.

It is we who are letting this happen.

In my view, the BBC makes a valuable contribution to Wales and the Welsh economy, including Welsh language services (radio, TV, websites) that promote the language and culture.


Okay, I think we need to dial down the emotion on this thread now.

These are matters on which many people feel extremely strongly - but we have established by now that this forum is inclusive, welcoming and friendly, and the more passionate and heartfelt discussions do not play well with those key aspects.

There are other places for that kind of discussion - here, let’s keep it cool and friendly :sunny:

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To bring the thread back on topic, I enjoy the Daily Wales and read it daily - you may even spot me in the comments from time to time. But I still have mixed feelings about it. It’s obviously very biased towards a particular perspective, but that’s fine in many ways because it doesn’t pretend to be anything else - it’s very open about its leanings. Nevertheless, I think I’d appreciate a source of news and opinion that at least makes an attempt to cover all sides of any given story.

In addition, the clear bias of the site seems on occasion to attract a conspiracy-theorist element in its readership which can spill over onto the editorial side, albeit rather more rarely than in the comments. I find that very frustrating indeed.


Yeah, I’d agree with that - we need a stronger, broader media all round in Wales. I’m glad that Daily Wales exists, but I look forward to seeing even more stuff happening in this field.

I take it you agree with Aran, then? :wink: Good, good, so do I! :wink:

Absolutely- but it’s leanings are less than most news sources the other way, in my view, many of which are not open in the same way.

Let me know when you find one! :wink:

On the editorial comments, I have finally stopped destroying the furniture on reading the horrendously biased editorials in most other newspapers, but it took a fair amount of time to get to that level of lack of frustration!

Certainly biased, I wouldn’t go so far as to say a common conspiracy-theoryist element to the editorials and comments. That I’ve seen, anyway. I tend not really to read comments that much.

Maybe it’s bias is so different to the (as I say, in my view, greater bias) of other news sources it comes across as eccentric?

If so, I would say in this case that eccentricity is closer to sanity than normality!

I wouldn’t want this to be the only news source available. If it were, I would be frustrated by the quality of news sources available to us.

However, that does frustrate me as it is at the moment!

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Neither would I. That’s why I said “on occasion” and “albeit rather more rarely”. :smile:

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:slight_smile: Fair enough! Mea culpa! I should have done you the courtesy of reading that more closely…

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Good for you! I make it a personal policy never to read the comments made against online news articles, particularly around things like space exploration (as per the recent comet landing). That way madness lies.


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I don’t think it’s too emotional to state that a large section of the media has an agenda, which is essentially politico-economic.

The BBC is the best of the bunch, and I have great admiration for it, and very much appreciate what they do in Wales. But having a completely independent Welsh equivalent of the BBC, not controlled by or from London, would be / could be even better.

S4C could have / should have been that (for TV), but it seems that now control is largely with the BBC.

It’s really up to the people of Wales to decide what they want, but as things are they don’t have complete freedom to decide, since London can override anything. The solution to me seems obvious, but it doesn’t seem that the people of Wales feel strongly enough about it (or feel the opposite view strongly).

Oh, I don’t myself either, but I’m going to have to tread carefully so as not to tread on any toes here!

I used to have respect and admiration for the BBC, but recently the way it has been acting on various issues has reversed my opinion of it. My opinion of the news service in particular has plummited.

Yes, they do produce programmes for Wales and in Welsh, but I am not going to be grateful for such things - we pay the TV licence, we should get value for it- and I am not going to thank them for showing a small number of (scraps? Too emotional? Just programmes then) when Wales is ignored and treated- well, not as well as it should be, let us say, and not be emotional! - generally on the channel.

I’m trying not to offend anyone here- any angel please feel free to remove this if you think it might send the conversation down a dark path, but felt I could add something to this- understand perfectly if it isn’t appropriate for the forum, I’m coming to find I’m not the best judge of such things!

[edit- oh, and re your last paragraph, the BBC seems to be doing their best to keep that situation going, in my opinion. The fourth estate has quite some power, and generally has a moral obligation to be unbiased- a fourth estate funded by the people even more so. As the BBC is -in my opinion, failing in that, alternative news sources become even more important.]

Mine too…

Up here in post-referendum Scotland, a new newspaper was launched. You know the type of thing, old fashioned paper with printing!! It was launched on a one week trial basis. I am not sure quite how many weeks ago that was, but it is still flourishing!! It is unambiguously titled ‘The National’. It certainly puts the case for independence with articles by Patrick Harvey (green) and many SNP MSPs, also by the leader of Plaid Cymru whose name I always forget how to spell when on-line!! (Liann(e) Wood?). Anyway it covers international news as well as Scottish and is no more prejudiced that the UK press is pro-UK!!! I haven’t checked the Daily Wales yet, but I imagine it’s much the same.
p.s. I find The National a breath of fresh air!!!