Daily Practices on website - not divided into North and South this week

This one is probably for @Kinetic - When I went to download the daily practices this week, I found that the webpages have 10 downloads per page instead of the usual 5 for each set of practices. The first 5 appear to be the Northern versions, and the second 5 the Southern versions. So even though I’m set to the Southern region, I started downloading Northern practices. It took some scrolling down to discover that the Southern practices were there, too.

I’m guessing someone needs to tweak something somewhere. Diolch for all the hard work that goes into making/keeping SSiW the great place that it is!


Yup, there is confusion as I’ve switched to Northern and found this:

What shows there’s nothing to be practicing with on Northern side. On the app it appears only one listening practice on Northern side so here really is some kind of confusion made this week. :slight_smile:

Welsh C1 Listening North1 is the file which appears on Northern side …


Thank you very much indeed for the heads up - I’m going to message @kinetic now, so as soon as he’s online he’ll get this sorted… :sunny:

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