Daily Practice Session, Course 2 speaking, North

Sorry, but the above practice session for this week, commencing 16th November, does not appear to have been posted.

Can you help please.



S’mae Derek?

You will need to be patient about this I’m afraid. Iestyn handles the posting of the practice lessons, and as you may or may not be aware, his situation is such that he has but limited time available. I will not go into details, but please bear with him, I am surevit will get sorted out as soon as practicable.



Thanks for the heads up, Derek, we’ll have this sorted asap… :sunny:

Okay, we’ve got a slight hiccup here - the northern sessions are up and ready, but we’re going to be missing a week with the southern sessions, I’m afraid.

Huge apologies for this, and I promise we’ll be back in the saddle on Monday 24th with new practice sessions for the northern and southern courses.

Iestyn is taking a well-deserved break on a meditative retreat in a monastery this week, and I’m guessing he’s not allowed to have his mobile on!

The real problem, though, is that we haven’t developed a system for multiple access to the southern database, for which I apologise deeply - we’ll get that sorted out in the next few weeks so that we don’t have this kind of hiccup again.

Diolch essebee,

I am sorry for troubling you unnecessarily, I wasn`t aware of the situation.



Hi Aran,

Thanks for your reply. I will now get on with my Northern sessions gwaith cartref.

Diolch am popeth,


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You’re more than welcome, Derek, and sorry for the hiccup this week.