Daily Challenge

Day 11

So today was an exciting day, less to do with Cymraeg but it was involved!

We had our 12 weeks scan this morning :tada::tada::tada:

So we went to the hospital and spoke in very Wenglish tones because of the excitement and nerves whatever came out first came out first.

Then on the way to work i fancied something different to normal so I listened to Bryn Fôn instead of the radio. Then this evening my mother-in-law has been over to help us varnish some doors (gair y diwrnod - nythu :wink:)

So all in all an excellent day!!



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Day 12

Less Welsh today. Emma was very very tired so wasn’t saying much in either language :joy::joy: and I had my Dad (not a Welsh speaker) over for tea.

However, I had a few little chats with Emma before and after work. We text mostly in Welsh.

I also listened to a lot of Radio Cymru today and looked up the words to Tre Porthmadog by Bryn Fôn.

Tomorrow will be better, lots more Welsh speakers around tomorrow.

Disappointed with today but just motivation to push on.


Llongyfarchiadau @AnthonyCusack.

And about challenge — youre doing absolutely great no matter what amount of Welsh you could/can speak through the day as long as there is some. Even a little is enough sometimes. Good job.

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Fixed that for you Anthony. :wink:


I love this :heart_eyes:

Day 13

Went to a bbq in Porthcawl for my Sister-in-law’s birthday, sat with one of her friends chatting in Welsh. Had a few convos actually with 3 or 4 people. As is natural, lots of switching to English as others joined us but natural is what we’re striving for here.

Good day all round (except for leaving a scorching Cardiff for a freezing sea ‘breeze’)


Hanner ffordd

Day 14

Today, probably because it’s the half way point, I have noticed a shift. I am seeking out conversations with people I know who speak Welsh. This is like the post-bootcamp boost I’ve had. For a while now, I’ve avoided conversations or chances of meeting up with Welsh speakers. I’ve been quite anxious about the thought of needing to speak Welsh. I think this was due to a fear of failure. What the last two weeks have done is shift what failure is: it’s no longer speaking Welsh and not being fluent, it’s not completing something to complete this challenge. So over the next 2 weeks I have to work out how to make a lasting change.

In terms of the challenge:
I had a chat with one of the boys at the gym who’s from Caernarfon.
I watched my first ever episode of Rownd a Rownd
I listened to the episode of Beca a’i Phobol with Meinir Gwilym.
I’ve had a good long chat with my mother-in-law

I have a feeling Emma and I are always going to speak English to each other. That’s OK, the arrival of the little one might change that, I’ll carry on having little chats with her.


Yes, that’s the most you can do. It might be all of a sudden it will seam to her wrong to chat with you in English rather than Welsh. You still have plenty of English elswhere around though. :slight_smile:

To be honest this is quite a surprise to me. You always seamed so sure about speaking Welsh and I always felt there’s no failure in any thing you do, including Welsh. Now you really need to figure out how the shift could last forever! But I am sure you’ll manage to do this aswell. Dal ati!

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Diolch Tatjana! That’s very kind of you to say!

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That’s a shame, that’s a really negative start to my comment and I’m sorry for that but it is. I’m not for one second saying that anyone is to blame, it’s just that your relationship started in english and that is and will be difficult to change but now you both speak Welsh it’s a shame that you can’t find it natural to switch. I think (I’ve only ever done this with friends so have no experience doing it with someone as close to me as Emma and you are, obviously) that if you were to force yourselves to speak in nothing but Welsh it would feel natural within a surprisingly short amount of time.

This challenge you’ve undertaken has been amazing for your confidence, we, the readers, can see that, it’s really obvious. If you end up speaking Welsh with Emma or not it doesn’t really matter and I, or anyone else, shouldn’t put any sort of guilt trip on for that so sorry if that’s how it came across.

Anyway, bottom line is well done, llongyfarchiadau, only half way through and you’re flying. I’ve enjoyed it and I’m not living it. :grinning:


Don’t worry I don’t feel any guilt from this because it’s mostly dictated by Emma. Emma has a slightly complex relationship with Welsh. Without getting into too much depth, because it’s not fair for me to share it on her behalf, she’s always been quite self-conscious about the level of her Welsh. So it’s not one I want to force too much. Slowly slowly catchy mwnci and we’ll see where we get. I think baban bach will do a lot to help :slight_smile:

Diolch o galon am ddarllen ac am dy eiriau :blush:


That’s a very familiar story from a lot of first language Welsh speakers I speak to. Seeing you succeed must be cheering her up whether helping her with her confidence or not. And you’re right, having a baby in the house changes everything … most of it for the better. :smile:


I think you and Emma will definitely get there Andrew, there is a time for everything and perhaps now is not the time. I’m with you, I think baban Bach will make a big difference. Well done for your determined effort, being so focussed and letting us know how you are getting on and of course llongyfarchiadau to you both.


Apologies for the lateness of the update

Day 15
Twas a good un

Went to the gym first thing. Saw one of the cofis so had a quick chat.

Finished off the Meinir Gwilym episode (read the translation and relistened) which was very reassuring, I’d definitely gotten more than the gist of it.

Radio Cymru to and from work

Came home and had a chat initiated by Emma :smile:


Day 16

A frustrating day yesterday. My efforts to speak Welsh were often replied to in English. However, as @gruntius has said that’s still more Welsh than there was two weeks ago. I have found a copy of the Mabinogi for teenagers so I’m reading that, needed to switch from Llanw because I was struggling a little bit. I’ll revisit it soon. It’s been very good so far but I need to be able to focus on it a bit more than I have (in other words don’t read it in bed).

Anyway, onwards and upwards


Reading can be a bit frustrating on times trying to balance a challenging read to really improve vocab and being able to maintain the flow of the story. Well done for stopping before getting put off reading anything ever again. It’s a good book though so well worth revisiting at some point. :grinning:


Dat 17

Was much better. Emma and I spoke Welsh to each other at the gym and then for a good chunk of the evening after :grin:

I didn’t read last night because we got home late because we’d been out for a meal for her sisters birthday (more Welsh was spoken with other members of the family too)


Yeah I’ll definitely revisit. It was the same with Blasus, took me a couple of run ups but I eventually finished it and really enjoyed it.

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I’ve got myself the audiobook through the Audible but I didn’t start listening it yet …

Otherwise well done. You’re doing just great!

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Day 18

This is flying by! I think I might have to extend this project slightly. My final three days I’m away in Leeds with 2 non - Welsh speakers…anyway I’m side tracked

I listened to Stori Dwy Steddfod 3 and Duncan Brown - properly listen-read-listen-read-listen
I listened to some Radio Cymru on the way to work.
One thing I’ve not mentioned but has been happening is that Emma and I text in Welsh through the day.
Then we had a sgwrs bach when she got home from watching Met Caerdydd in the Europa League qualifiers, I was working too late to go unfortunately. That would have been with two other Welsh speakers too so would have been a good one!