Dafydd Iwan

Heddiw, mae Dafydfd 71 blwydd oed…Penblwydd hapus Dafydd ac am cymorth dysgwyr Cymraeg…Diolch a Diolch eto

My first memory of Dafydd was 21 years ago, in a packed Morgan Lloyd pub in Caernarfon, on my first visit to the prifdinas: At some point in the night Yma O Hyd started up on the jukebox and everyone stood up and sang…Thinking it was the Welsh national anthem my friend and I stood to attention. The singing was so passionate we were totally blown away…We didn’t realise that a definite statement was being made by the people surrounding us.
I moved to Gwynedd a year thanks to that song and the thought of living in a foreign country.