Annwyl Aran,
I have rejoined at Course 1 Gwers 21. To a ‘northerner’ (Gwynedd) your pronunciation of ‘gadael’ (you said ‘gadol’) and ‘am dro’ (you said ‘am draw’) sound strange. I have always said ‘gadaisle’ and ‘am draugh’ , am I wrong?

Hello Nefyd - I’m not exactly sure how ‘am draugh’ would sound, but pronounciation is very rarely cut and dried enough to have obvious ‘wrongs’ (unless you get a vowel sound far enough off to change the word meaning).

Where you’re hearing ‘gadol’, I’d suspect that both Catrin and I are saying ‘gadal’, which is a very common shift from the slightly more proper ‘gad-aisle’.

Dro should have a short ‘o’ sound, much as you get in ‘got’ in English, but as long as you’re being understood in conversation, everything is fine…:smile: