Cymry'r Cant - YouTube

I recently came across some wonderful YouTube video clips of people 100+ years of age talking in Welsh about incidents in their childhood or younger days. They are not easy to understand but they’re quite short, so if you want to challenge your listening skills you might enjoy having a go.

The series of clips is called Cymry’r Cant and here’s a link to one of them - Mary Keir (102):


Lady reminded me of my Nan :slight_smile:

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These are lovely! For some reason I can’t actually find a list of them on YouTube, although they seem to keep linking to each other at the end. (Not very important, it just made me feel a bit techily useless…)

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I find that with YouTube a lot too. I just keep clicking at other things down the side that are related, or do a general search again for what I want. Sometimes they don’t seem to be linked together very well.

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Here you have Ladies and Gentlemen. I’ve created playlist for you and the videos in playlist are all of the series available at all.



Fantastic! Ti’n talentog iawn, Tatjana!

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Diolch yn fawr iawn!

I’m glad if I can help and doing this list really wasn’t a problem. :slight_smile: