Cymru In Top Ten

Not a big football fan but, I must say Cymru played a blinder last night and well deserve being top of their group. The crowd also get two thumbs up for playing such a big part in a great night…



Now, Slovenia V England tomorrow in Stožice. I won’t be there, though but hopefully our boys will do their best!

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Yeah, well done Cymru. The chanting of the national anthem actually gave me goosebumps. I actually found myself cheering for Wales towards the end…

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I seriously believe we should put together a SSiFrench tester course for the Cymru crowds that will follow the team to France next year.


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Football entirely apart, if there was an SSiF (Say Something in French) course on offer, I for one would be at it like a shot!

French is something I NEVER could learn traditional way (for a change) so SSi might work. :slight_smile:

Digywilydd wyt ti, Bie! :smile:

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Looks like Cymru will be top ten in the FIFA ratings later this week, which is a really massive achievement over the pass few years… England, the worst team in the last world cup, continue to suck and look third rate.

We (Slovenia) gave thm 2 goals in the last match we played with them so something really must be true with this. :slight_smile: