Cymdeithas yr Iaith - Cwrs Cymraeg Amgen: Penwythnos Dysgwyr yn Nhresaith

Oes unrhyw un yn gwybod unrhywbeth am y cwrs hwn?

I know they’ve done them in Tresaith for a couple of years now. I’d fancied going myself. I know a number of members and their always great and encouraging with learners. Yes, going down to the pub will be on the schedule…Everyone helps out like a Bootcamp :smile:

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Looks really interesting. Thanks for flagging it.

What level of proficiency is it aimed at?

It says “Canolradd+” which means able to string a few sentences together. If someone has made good progress in SSiW Course 2 and has a “There’s lots I don’t know but I’ll have a go” attitude I would say they’ll be fine, and even some who have only done Course 1 but are happy to make mistakes would manage.

As a generalisation - People that have done Canolradd in a traditional class but not done much outside the classroom might be ahead on grammatical structures but the average SSiWer tends to have a lot more confidence about speaking.