Cycling across Wales

Shwmae Pawb :slight_smile:

I have been planning a cycle trip through Wales for a while, but other commitments have continuously delayed me from starting. After finishing some work last weekend, and seeing the weather I have spontaneously decided to start off tomorrow. My plan is to cycle from Henffordd (Hereford), where I live to Ynys Mon (Anglesey), and then down to Carmarthen to attend a wedding next week.

Off course a chance to practise speaking Welsh is at the top of my list for reasons for doing this trip. I’ve never been north of Aberystwyth, so Gwynedd and Anglesey will be new territory for me.

If anyone has any suggestions of places to visit, in terms of beautiful or historical locations, I would really appreciate them. Also, if anyone has any suggestions of opportunities to practise speaking during my trip, or if any SSIWers wanted to meet up, I would be overjoyed! I would describe myself as a confident speaker and thick accented locals don’t scare me…yet!

I will be camping during my trip, but will also be exploring towns on my way during the day.

Diolch am ddarllen (Thanks for reading)



I recommend Caernarfon (see also: let us know if you come to Caernarfon) :slight_smile:


If you happen to come near Llandysul on your way through to Carmarthen, let me know. I’m sure we could meet up :slight_smile:

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ditto! :smiley:


Thank you both! Yes @aran would love to pop into Caernarfon. Although I have worked in a Welsh language environment in Y Fenni (the Welsh school), it would be amazing to visit somewhere where there are so many people speaking Welsh naturally in their day to day lives.

Thank you @Deborah-SSi , if I have time on this trip, that would be fantastic! If not, I think I will be doing a more in depth tour of Wales in the near future (depending on how this little one goes!).

All ready to go. A late start is better than no start


The Ship Inn in Holyhead is great for Welsh speakers, or it was last time I went there some years ago and before I started learning Welsh! Accommodation was good there too.

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Sorry - the South Stack it’s called, not the Ship!


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And it’s great that you’re doing this too :slight_smile: I go cycling in Wales once in a while and next time I go I’ll definitely look people up. Looks like there’s a real enthusiasm for this and rightly so! :slight_smile:




Quick update (on the phone)

Day 1 update:

Took mostly main roads all the way to rhayader. Some lovely ladies at the tourist information centre recommended me taking the evening Aberystwyth mountain road. So beautiful:

(Poor camera unfortunately on the phone)

Found a beautiful place to camp along here. Brilliant first day, but if I keep finding beautiful long cuts, it is doubtful I will reach Caernaefon and Anglesey


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Hi Flynn

I’ve just come across your message - sorry, I’ve been away on a cycling trip in Ireland.
I dont know if you’ve finished your travels but the beach near Nefyn with a pub on the shoreline is worth a visit … and use Lon Los Eifion to get to Anglesey from Caernarfon. A fair stretch is traffic free.

Get in touch if you need any other cycling contacts.


Update day 2:

What an amazing day! Although, didn’t get very far north. After visiting devil’s bridge, pontarfynach, I was discussing my trip towards Caernarvon (in English). I think he noticed I spoke Welsh due to the way I pronounced the place name. A lengthy discussion on routes to take in Welsh followed with Alun, an old steam train and cafe owner.

I took the scenic route via nant y moch, oh so beautiful, I recommend it to anyway who wants a good cycle route, or even a scenic drive for that matter.

Camped just north of Machynlleth, where I had anothet lengthy Welsh discussion with a fellow bike enthusiast. I have definitely noticed a lot more welsh coming through ceredigion and Gwynedd.

I have been eaten alive by moscitos though!


Cheers, I have started to head south now though, just gone past Bala, heading east, was running out of time unfortunately. This has barely wet my appetite for cycling in north Wales though! So beautiful


@Flynn I stayed here :- With my wife a little while ago and wish I’d seen this thread earlier. One for later possibly…


If you’re in the area again let me know. Always looking for an excuse to get on the bike!

Also see my thread Taith Heb Saesneg - if your up for a few miles on NCN route * in August let me know.


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I’m definitely feeling a little envious to tell the truth.

Well perhaps not of the climbing steep hills with a heavy camping load, but of the views and the freedom of relatively traffic free roads.

Mwynha! :slight_smile:

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Noswaith dda. Karen from Ty Beic here. Always happy to welcome Dysgwyr Cymraeg ac beicwyr.


Hope you’re enjoying everything, Karen! Best wishes to you both!!

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That sounds brilliant, what kind of mileage would you be planning to do? Hopefully I wouldn’t slow you down with my trailer (though I did end up overtaking some pannier laden tourers)

Not sure what I will be doing in August, I am currently planning a longer maybe 6 week tour, not sure where, stuck between, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, UK, France…so many choices. Any advice? If I am free I would love to be a part of your Taith Heb Saesneg. Would be brilliant to pracrise some touring specific vocab :slight_smile:

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