Cwrs sylvaen

Hi, can anyone tell me anything about this course, I’ve seen an app and books online. Has anyone done the exam? Diolch

I downloaded the app and found going through it quite helpful alongside SSIW. It is much the same content though as is covered here and it didn’t take me too long to feel like I knew the majority of the app well. (I am just currently completing old level 3 and considering starting lessons for the first time doing crws canolradd in September as my next step)

Thanks that’s helpful, I’m just finishing new level 3 and was looking for something about same level to consolidate, but feel fresh.

Just one question, did you get the books as well? Was app ok without books? Diolch!

Nope just the app so I can’t say if it contains everything from the book but it does have all the units (30) and introduces the patterns from each unit with exercises to do yourself. It reads out some of the patterns as you go through it too so you can hear how sentences/words are pronounced. I’d definitely recommend going through the old levels on here, it breaks down the grammar quite nicely and gave me a better understanding of how sentences are constructed than I got from the new stuff. I think if you’re really bright you could probably work that out for yourself naturally just by doing the new stuff but I really needed that breakdown myself! I wouldn’t think you’d gain much from doing the Sylfaen exam, but that’s just me!

Thanks for your suggestions! :smile:

Just a thought. I checked some time ago to see if Canolradd was on the app. All I found was Mynediad and Sylfaen. I did email someone, I think at Aberyswyth who created the apps. At the time he had not worked on Canolradd but was hoping to. He was having problems finding the time.
Of course that could have change by now. It was about 9 months ago.

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Sylfaen is definitely not the same level as our Level 3… do you get many opportunities to use your Welsh? I’d say one-on-one conversations would be the most valuable thing for you, followed by getting along to a class to give yourself some speaking opportunities (I’d be surprised if they let you in below Canolradd once they hear what you’re capable of… :slight_smile: ).


Thanks Aran. No, I don’t get hardly any opportunities, although should get more over the summer as I’m spending quite a lot of time in Blaenau FFestiniog. I’m not very confident though!

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Have you got going on Welsh Speaking Practice? :slight_smile: It’s easier to take mini-steps at first - just a ‘swap one sentence’ session, or something like that… :slight_smile:

I did level 1 and then joined a Sylfaen course. To be honest, your conversational abilities will be far beyond this class level. Canolradd at a minnimum :slight_smile:

Also, the course content is largely the same just a repetition. It changes more at Uwch.

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Thanks, I think I just want some consolidation so maybe sylvaen will be a quick revision?

Will it be in a class? If so go for canolradd
That’d Be my advice :slight_smile:


No, I’m just buying the books.

To be honest, if you want to do a course i would do what i did and go straight to Uwch.
I had a bit more speaking practice, with bwtcamps and the like, yet even so, I think it’s an option for anyone after level 3 SSiW.

1/ The course is in the medium of Welsh, so almost everything the tutor and hopefully the class will be in Welsh, so in any case you get a coupe of hours every week in Cymraeg. In Sylfaen or Canolradd, the medium is English, so you won’t spend that much time in Welsh and you could even lose confidence in your Welsh.

2/ The grammatical stuff is taught at all levels of Welsh for adults. So bits of grammar are learnt at every level and with lefel 3 under your belt the basics are all there.

3/ Even at Uwch 1/2 you will not be the weakest speaker in the group. My Uwch class had people who struggled to stasy in Welsh for a conversation, but also confident speakers, you will get a range of abilities.

4/ The only warning is not to be put off my not knowing the nuts and bolts of the grammar everyone else in the class will likely have, but you will pick it up and understand better how Welsh works. We once did a brief test of which nouns are feminine and which masculine, I got 50% (I did no better than random guessing, which is largely what i did) but the others were getting 80-100%. If you can live with this you’ll be fine.

Other than that just seeking oppurtunities to use your Welsh, reading, listening to Radio Cymru or watching S4C is the best way to get going on the long vocab burn that is post level 3. Classes really are just somewhere to formalise grammar understanding and a regular oppurtunity to use your Welsh with live people.

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