Cwestion - cwrs 3 gwers 8

S’mae pawb,

Just listened to lesson 8 course 3 and am feeling a little confused. The lesson introduces the short for of dod, to come.

ddes i ddim = I didn’t come. ok nice and simple (if a little too like es i)

but the phrase:

I’m happy I didn’t come here yesterday is translated as:
Dwi’n hapus na ddes i yma ddoe.

So we are missing a ddim, and we have gained a na. I had translated this as
Dwi’n hapus, ddes i ddim yma ddoe.

Can anyone shine any light on this,



S’mae Geth,

The na is a way of negating the next part of the sentence, so na ddest ti = ddest ti ddim. Later in the course you will come across more examples:

os na wnei di adael - if you won’t leave / if you don’t leave
os na fydd pethau’n gwaethygu - if things won’t get worse

Hope that helps!



Diolch Stu

You’d also be absolutely fine if you said ‘dwi’n hapus na ddes i ddim yma ddoe’ - and, of course, everyone would understand you if you said ‘dwi’n hapus ddes i ddim yma ddoe’, and only one in several thousand would actually notice that you’d dropped the ‘na’…:slight_smile:

Brilliant, thanks Aran.