Crowdsourcing Apps into Welsh

Hi all

I’m hoping that you can help me - I work for a localization company and for the past year we’ve been working to translate apps into Welsh, funded by the Welsh Government.

The project went really well and there are now over 200 apps available to use in Welsh! (Our website for this is here: if you’d like to see/use them).

Unfortunately, the funding from the Welsh Government is coming to an end so we’ll no longer be able to pay a translator to work on the apps directly.

However, we’d really like our hard work to continue so we’re in the process of putting together a group of native Welsh speakers who are interested in helping to crowdsource translations.

Is this something the SSiW forum could help with in any way? Either by joining or signposting the group to any other Welsh speakers you know who might be interested. We’re not asking for a big commitment - ideally we’re hoping people will join the Facebook group and then do a little translation on a project when they have the time.

Please let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time,


Ps. I also posted this in your Facebook group, so sorry to everyone who’s seen it twice! :blush:


Wow, look at this!

Here just has to be someone to help then …

Shwmae Sarah!

I have been looking through the apps on your website - fantastic collection by the way! One app that caught my interest was the Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru app. However, when I tried to access the app for iOS, it first tried to direct me to the US App Store (??), then when I was in the US store, it wasn’t available there! I tried to find it in the UK App Store (after trying for ages to switch it back from the US), using the search bar, and was told that the app didn’t exist!

I guess my question is, does your website get updated often, or the links checked to see if they work as they should? Perhaps the app is only available on Android, but there’s no reference to this.
This is just one app I’m referring to, but I’m also wondering how many of these links will direct you to the US App Store? I know when I’ve tried looking for links to apps the US store is normally the default that is suggested by many search engines.
Sorry if this is a bit of a taxing question, but I really was interested in downloading that one app!!


We do check the apps occasionally - when you get directed to the US app store that usually means that the app has been pulled from the UK store for some reason, either by the developer or by Apple.

We have over 200 apps listed on the site so it’s not possible for us to check them all constantly, but we do a sweep every now and again to weed out anything that’s been removed.

Developers don’t tend to notify anyone when their apps are taken off the store, so we reply on people like yourself giving us a heads up if they spot anything!

Thanks for letting me know.


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Hi Sarah,

the Welsh Apps website was mentioned in our weekly email in November last year so hopefully people have been taking advantage of a great resource. I’ll put a reference to this thread in this week’s email. Perhaps some of our more advanced SSiWers might be able to help out.


Hi Dee,

I saw the link in the newsletter, thanks so much! :slight_smile: Any help your native/fluent learners can give would be much appreciated it. There’s more info about the crowdsourcing in the Facebook Group if anyone wants to take a look :smile: