Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?

Hi Catherine
If you access ]Say Something in Welsh’ via the website rather than the app there is a link to a vocabulary list.

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hi there - thanks - I accidentally found the vocab list while I was exploring the site! :blush: - brilliant to have that- will be very handy. (I’m one of the few people who doesn’t have anything with an app! I have a phone with no internet, no tablet and no laptop! I’m like a dinosaur in this day and age! ) Looking forward to going through this site.


survived the first 5 days! - what happens next- it says i have to wait a few days for an e-mail?: oh wait - just saw above post - do I need to sign up to the £10 a month to continue at my own pace? Can I do that before the e-mail next week?

Hi @catherine-evans-3
If you subscribe then you will have access to all the material. You can work through it entirely at your own pace and on your own as we old-timers did before the structured courses were introduced. For best results, the structured course with the e-mails will give you lots of extras. You are guided through. If the pace is not right then you can ask for it to be adjusted.

hi- thanks for that - just to make sure I’ve got it right- is the e-mail course different to the one at your own pace? You only get extra help with the e-mail course? I want to make sure I’ve got it right in my head :grinning: The e-mails are once a week? Are they both under the “first” option on the subscription menu? Thanks.

The subscription (£10 a month or £100 for 12 months) gives you access to all of the online material but doesn’t give you any emails or extra support. If you’re a self-motivated learner, you can work through at your own pace, asking questions here on the forum if you need to and joining the open Welsh Speaking Practice Slack group for online conversation practice.

If you like the idea of a weekly email with extra tasks and the chance to join a dedicated SSiW 6/6 Support Slack group where you can also take part in online group sessions with a tutor, then you just need to register in the 6 Minutes a Day course for no additional cost. That will take you through Levels 1 and 2 (a total of 50 lessons) at a pace of 1 Challenge (30-minute audio lesson) per week.

thanks - I’ll try and work out what’s best for me - or should I say what’s best for my M.E. - I’ll have a ponder which to do.

hi - so I’ve just subscribed (yay!) - if i join the slack group do i have to do online group lessons? I’ve got no camera or mic on my computer so wouldn’t be able to- but i’d love to get the weekly e-mails? I’m a bit confuddled as to where the link to sign up for Slack is- could you tell me please?

You don’t have to do the online groups - they are a massive boost to learning because they are there to build your confidence in talking to other people (especially if you don’t live near any other learners/speakers), but they’re not 100% essential.

You will still get the weekly emails if you’ve subscribed to the 6-minute-a-day course and you’ll receive the invitation to the Slack 6/6 group (the one that goes with the course) in one of the emails.

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ah great- thank you! :smiley:

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Hi I thought I was doing very well up to lesson 5 then the emails stopped and I got lost, I found where I had left off but lesson 6 seems to be using words that aren’t in the vocabulary list and I feel I have come to a standstill. Im not sure what to do now as the emails were keeping me focused on my next lesson and seemed to be going really well.I actually thought that was it after lesson 5 and you had to pay if you wanted to go any further so I think its very confusing and frustrating.

Hi Hazel,

It looks like you’re just doing the free taster at the moment. Is that right? That gives you 5 days of lessons, then after a little while you get some follow-up emails. This is what it says in the 5th email:

Just take a few days off, and wait for my next email.

It turns out that relaxation (which gives your brain time to consolidate what it’s learnt) is one of the most important elements of learning Welsh.  Which is rather lovely…;-)

More from me in about a week.

There isn’t any Lesson 6 in that series, so if you’ve found one somewhere it’s not surprising that it’s not the same as what you’ve been doing.

If you want to continue learning with us then you need a subscription which you can get at or you can go directly to and register for the 6 Minutes a Day course.

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Hi, just joined SSiW. I live in Lloc in North Wales (near Holywell).I grew up in this area but like so many people, I spent the next 40 years working ‘abroad’. I’m now living back in Wales and treasure the Welsh culture and my Welsh heritage more than ever. I’m very keen to learn Welsh. Would love to know if there any groups or individuals in my area who meet to speak Welsh, and don’t mind a newby joining you?. I don’t mind travelling east towards Mold or Wrexham, or west towards Conwy or Bangor. Diolch.


Saith Seren in Wrexham, can you help @gruntius ?
Also, bound to be groups all along the A5 & A55. I only know of the ones in the Caernarfon area.

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Clwb Clebran is meeting again in Saith Seren in Wrecsam on Thursday nights again. Newbies are always welcome. Bear in mind that the sessions are not lessons, they’re just a chance to sit around and chat in Welsh.

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Just finished the introductory five day sentence course, great fun and amazing how the vocabulary somehow stayed in my head!
A little worried that I managed to do the whole sentence today on the first go: I almost feel as if I want to be making mistakes really to learn faster…
Hoping to sign up to the proper course - could be ideal as I can’t do fixed classes due to shift work.


Hi. I’m learning Welsh as it’s a possible destination in the fairly near future. My great grandparents were Welsh from Merthyr but moved to Yorkshire for work in 1898. My grandma could speak Welsh but never taught us any, so now at 70, I’m giving it a shot. I’ve enjoyed the first session, it’s a good way to learn I think, especially for older people like me as learning a language gets harder with age, but I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s session already.


Great to meet you on the Sprint Day on Saturday @Nicholas ! You’re really off to a flying start! Fantastic!

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Going pretty well so far thank you, I’m taking it steady and my memory seems to be better than I thought it would be. Enjoying the hard work of this new way to learn.


That’s great to hear @ann-abbey!