Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?

I kept putting off that listening practice. I finally clicked on it, listened for about thirty seconds, then paused it and said, “This is horrible. I may die.” Also, it’s said faster than what I could comprehend. I don’t catch much of it.
Going to listen to it for the third time. Maybe someday I’ll get it.

Me most of the time: I’ve got it figured out! I know when C mutates into G!
Me during a lesson: Medra i cofio…
Seriously, what is it about doing the lessons that makes my brain slow down and forget everything I’ve ever known?

Aran: I’ve got to stop for about a month.
Me: Ond dwi ddim isio stopio!
Note that I also have the habit of practicing in bursts, then not touching the recordings for a while. I feel like such a hypocrite…

“Dwi’n mynd i ddeud rhywbeth arall… os dwi ddim yn fethu.” :roll_eyes:
I have no memory of “pob” being in these lessons. I also worried about whether it was “pob fis” or “pob mis”… and didn’t give thought to whether “pob” mutated into “bob”. Oops. :crazy_face: (Hmm, it’s not mentioned in the vocab list for some reason. :thinking:)
Okay, I know we didn’t do “blwyddyn”. And now “amlach”. You’re really mean in Challenge 6, @aran.

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Hi, I’m a retired lady living in Shropshire. My family moved from Liverpool to Corwen in 1962, so for some years I was exposed to a great deal of Welsh language, including lots of school lessons and Urdd activities. I am able to understand spoken Welsh to some degree and have an enormous Welsh vocabulary somewhere in my brain, but I feel unable to speak Welsh as I am unsure of grammar, particularly verb structure. I hope SSi will help.

Because of my early exposure to a foreign language, I have found that language learning has been quite easy for me, and have learnt Latin, French, Russian and Spanish to at least O level (Spanish to degree level) and have a ‘nodding acquaintance’ with other languages. My 4 year old grandson is trilingual in Japanese, English and German, so languages are very important in our family!

I’d love to attend a Bwtcamp in the future and look forward to learning to speak Welsh better soon. Hwyl fawr am nawr!



Yes, that’s the important bit… :slight_smile: 5 minutes a day and your brain will adapt surprisingly quickly. Everything else you report is completely normal, and suggests you’re a) doing very well and b) over-thinking it a bit…:wink: Relax and keep going - you’ve got this… :slight_smile:

Hi @lesley-6 - and a very warm welcome to the forum! It’s going to be fun watching your Welsh come back to life - we’ve seen that can sometimes happen much more quickly than people are expecting… :slight_smile:


Hi. I am really enjoying this learning one sentence in Welsh. I love a challenge. My husband & I moved to Anglesey 3 months ago and live amongst Welsh speakers so I decided to learn. I also volunteer at RDA so will be able to use Welsh (hopefully!!) in my job. :blush:


Hello/Croeso, everyone!

My first language is (American) English, but I majored in French in college and studied Latin and Ancient Greek for my Classical Studies minor. I’ve dabbled in a lot of languages and Welsh is the most recent one to fall victim to my hubris. (To be honest, I don’t know quite why I decided I wanted to learn it; I live smack-dab in the middle of the United States and, to my knowledge, I have no Welsh heritage to speak of.)

I started the Welsh course over on Duolingo and have been having far more fun with it than I expected. On Twitter, I found a lot of people recommending this site as well, so I decided to check it out! It seems like a really great community.

Looking forward to learning more in the future! Best of luck to you, fellow learners :hearts:


Croeso! Welcome to the forum @amanda-14 @dawn-8 @lesley-6 @janet-wynn @5mewalke :grinning:

You will find a lot of us live in the US, so there are people to practice with in closer time zones and there’s an event coming up in Milwaukee soon.


Greeting to you all…I am Dawn and I live in outback Australia (Parkes in New South Wales to be exact.)We are about 600ks west of Sydney. I have no idea why I am attempting to learn Welsh and of course being out here in the bush there are no Welsh speaking people, so I guess I will just bumble on regardless…I have very little tech knowledge so am not sure how I will go communicating with any of you…I wish you all success. D


Hello all, I’m from Wrexham (North Wales), and although I learned some Welsh throughout school, I had no interest in retaining the language at all at the time. 25 ish years later, having joined the Froncysylte Male Voice Choir (as a top tenor), I decided I no longer wanted to remain a ‘plastic’ Welshman, so this is my venture into learning it for good.

I’ve applied for a job at a local educational institution, and Welsh is a desirable skill. I have too many reasons to learn Welsh, than to not!

Unfortunely, all of the Welsh songs and hymns I’ve learnt (as beautiful as they are) haven’t proved much use in everday life, however I’m hoping that my ability to pronounce any Welsh I read will stand me in good stead for learning the mechanics of the language. We’ll see!

To all of you who’re not Welsh by blood, I wish you all the best in becoming Welsh speaking adoptees! You have my sincere respect!

Hwyl fawr ffrindiau!



Blinkin’ nora Lesley, I’m hugely impressed that you’re such a multi-linguist!

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Hi Dawn you have my utmost respect for continuing to learn with zeal, even in ‘old age’! All the best with your learning, and I hope you continue to enjoy it!.

Llawer o gariad oddi wrth (lots of love from) GoTG.

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Hi there, I am new to this site and noticed this post with a KC-area Welsh society. It’s good to see there are other Welsh language learners not too far from me. Thanks for the information!


Hi! I am Margaret Enger, née Griffiths. I have always wanted to learn my third ancestral language - I already speak French - and this looks like a good way.


Hi, I used to live in West Wales (little England beyond Wales) and am ashamed to say never really learnt Welsh! I have now moved ( near Llandysul) and am in a relationship with a welsh speaker. All the family speak Welsh and change to English when I am around so would really really love to learn and speak Welsh !!!


Bore da!

After wonderful holidays in Caernarfon, Snowdonia and Anglesey (or should I say Ynys Môn?) recently, I’ve decided to take the plunge and learn the beautiful Welsh language. Seeing it on signs and in shops and restaurants, and hearing it spoken everywhere particularly inspired me.

As a long-time speaker of Spanish and French (for both of which I hold a degree), and with passable German, Dutch and Russian, I decided that Welsh would be a fabulous addition to my linguistic collection. Of all places, my mind was made up as I listened to locals chatting in Welsh in a microbrewery on the Llŷn Peninsula.

Really looking forward to this new language journey.


Hello, just wondering if the course is more aimed towards North / South speaking Cymraeg, as I live yn y De


Hi @elliott-cocker

There are separate North and south courses so you can take your pick!


Rich :slight_smile:


How do I choose? Do they split off at a certain point?I’ve just done the second day and haven’t seen any sign of an option yet

I’m not totally sure if the One Sentence course is split into N & S dialects like the other courses. If it is thogyh, there will be a push button saying Change to Southern (or Northern)

I think the one sentence in Welsh (are you doing that?) is a ‘taster’ which is more standard/ northern welsh but everything in it will be useful…

…you can choose between dialects in whatever you choose next…

Rich :slight_smile:

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As others have mentioned above, the short taster course is currently only available in the northern version, but as soon as you get to the end you’ll be given a choice of north or south if you want to continue. There are a few minor differences, but you get those sorted in the first proper challenge.

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