Course suggestions please

Schmae. Firstly I’d like to say a big ‘Diolch’ for the course I have followed so far. ( The old course last year followed by a long interruption and then the new course 1 and up to challenge 20 in course 2). It has made me really enthusiastic about learning Welsh and speaking to my toddler grandson to introduce him to the language, ( perhaps my main motivation for learning in the first place! ).
I must admit that by this stage I am disappointed by my lack of progress. It’s down to me I know. I have tried to follow the lessons regularly, but after reading the ‘Fluency’ paper, realise that I probably need to do a lot more - difficult with limited time. Very often family commitments mean a break of a few days or even a couple of weeks.
I would really like to follow a more intensive course, and learn a lot more vocabulary as, when I attempt to converse with Welsh speaking friends I am horribly embarrassed by my poor ability to say anything very much and even more embarrassed when, despite their considerate efforts to speak slowly and simply, I find it very difficult to understand them. There are so many words for which I have to either resort to English when pathetically trying to speak or, when listening to Welsh, have to ask for the meaning. Similarly, when listening to Welsh radio I can only pick up a few words here and there. Also, I do think that Level 2 of the new course has been quite confusing - seems to introduce different ways of saying things that haven’t been introduced previously, or have been introduced in a different form. (I should add that I did learn Welsh as a 2nd language in school - a long time ago! So I probably have more stored vocabulary than most ‘beginners’ and really should be doing so much better by now).
I recently made the mistake of paying into a subscription to SSIW thinking it was a one-off payment to access all course materials - including the more intensive 6 month course. I have just cancelled this subscription after 3 months having realised my mistake. And probably, the 6 month course would repeat what I have already covered?
I now have a new smart phone ( trying to get my head around how technology might be able to help!) and will make a real attempt to follow the ‘Fluency’ guidelines as often as possible. Any other suggestions - other courses etc - or just make more time to speak and listen?
I do apologise for this long message.

Hi Margretta - if you drop us a line at, we’ll get a full refund processed for you…:slight_smile:

Otherwise, this sounds as though you’re being a little hard on yourself.

Getting to challenge 20 of Level 2 is a very impressive achievement - it’s likely that all you really need to do now is join up with Welsh Speaking Practice (see for details of how to join) and get yourself into some hour+ conversations… :slight_smile: