Course 3 - Suddenly it's all become difficult - meh!

Hello everybody, this is my first post because (a) I’m a bit shy and (b) because learning Welsh has been going pretty swimmingly for me until now. All of a sudden, in Lesson 9 of Course 3, I find myself struggling with the little bits that have been thrown in, such as “na” and “mi”, and “bod” that seems to have become “fod” sometimes but not all the time, unless I’m hearing it wrong …

Please can I just say “AAARGH!”, and please can somebody reassure me that it will all be ok eventually? There have been times previously when I’ve had to keep the faith, but I’ve always felt that the penny would drop, and it always did; this is the first time I’ve actually felt despondent.

Please cheer me up!


Well! If this is the first time this is happening - well done. I nearly threw my toys out of the cot several times but YES it does come right. Just keep going- later you will wonder why you felt tripped up. You are doing very well and probably your brain is sorting itself out -All the research shows its best to keep going despite these hiccups

DAL ATI Felly Ti’n gwneud yn dda yawn hwyl


Yes, certainly. That’s what the forum’s for, it’s just that people like to wrap it up a bit with other words sometimes…:wink:

It really will, honestly… :sunny:

And, er, Course 3 wasn’t very well written. It gets a bit boring, because there are some last little bits of a traditional way of thinking still cluttering up the place. If you get thoroughly fed up with it, ditch it and come along to Level 1 (which will feel like an easy refresher in some ways, but usefully challenging in others).

And a very warm welcome to the forum… :sunny:

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No, you are not hearing it wrong. bod turns to fod some times (it mutates) however I’m actually (despite all material I went through) not experienced enough to explain. There will be those more experienced who will I’m sure.

The first step toward feeling better is don’t feel disappointed. Course 3 is (at least I found out this when learning) very tough one because a lot of totally new structures are presented, a lot of short forms and what’s more to it. The best possible way is to carry on through the course. Some things you’ll learn will stick, I’m sure and those who will you won’t want to say differently then this, I’m sure. Then, what you should know is that every, no matter how small, progress, counts. You will do it and if you might feel you just didn’t learn as much as you’d want, here are still Levels to go with, which are structured a bit differently and for quite many members they seam to fit better.

Well, but if I were you, I’d struggle a bit more and a bit longer before going to “the other side” (what means Levels) :slight_smile:

just … Dal ati @Mand ac croeso ar fforwm.


It’s been a while since I did course 3, but some of those lessons were very difficult. I think I was around midway through course 3 when I ended up taking a long (six or seven months) break, before redoing the later bits of course 2 in preparation for the 2014 bootcamp. So no, you’re not alone in feeling frustrated. The thing is, the most important stuff from course 3 is in the new level 1 and 2; and you’ll probably find course 3 easier should you choose to go back to it, after doing level 1.


Shwmae Mand,
Firstly, I would also like to say welcome to the forum!
And secondly, it isn’t uncommon to get a little stuck with some of the lessons on Course 3. It took me around 5-6 months to complete, and I was doing the lessons every day - repeating 1 lesson for more than a week at times!
A little break from the lessons can help - even just do a few listening practices instead, or go back to a lesson you enjoyed doing, just to get back into the flow. Then come back to the last lesson. Often you will find that, not only will it start to stick in your mind, but even begins to make some sense! Patterns start to form, but you don’t actually realise them, just know that the Welsh you’re producing is making sense. It starts to sound natural to you.
This can also work for you if you move on to the next lesson instead of going back, since you’ll be using those words you were stuck with again in the new lesson, and they may also begin to make sense to you from there!
To come as far as Course 3 without asking for any help is an achievement in itself, and you should be VERY pleased with yourself for this.
I hope you can find your way again very soon, take on all the good advice everyone is offering here and enjoy the course once again!
Pob lwc!


Phew, thanks everybody. I reckon the stuckness has come as a bit of a shock, as until now I’ve been gobsmacked at how much progress I’ve made in a relatively short time. I ought to have said in my original post how grateful I am to everybody involved in SSIW, because it’s been an absolute revelation to find that I can learn in such a natural way. Decades ago, I was pretty much bilingual in French and English, and I couldn’t understand why I never achieved real fluency in the other languages I studied at school.

Gav, I’m going at things in a similar way to you, I think: I stayed on Lesson 8 for aaages, listening to it several times a day, before realising that I’d continue to practise the things I was having trouble with if I moved on. I can easily see it taking months for me to finish Course 3 - but hey, what would I rather be doing?!

I’ll give myself a little break and go to Level 1, as has been suggested.

I am determined that this is just a blip, and that before long learning Welsh will be a blast again.

Many thanks, I really appreciate the support!


Shwmae, Mand! Croeso i’r fwrwm.

I’m also working my way through course 3…I’m up to lesson 19 at the moment. I agree that it’s very confusing, especially because there’s a lot that isn’t formally introduced, and just thrown in. However, having already done Level 1, I do think that would make it much, much easier for you, because it introduces the short forms in a much more relaxed way.

Pob lwc!


You’re doing really well! Bod does go to fod sometimes, and if you really want to know why you can go to something like one of Gareth King’s excellent grammar books to find out. But if you really aren’t particularly interested, and are just cross with yourself for choosing the wrong bod/fod - then stop worrying. No one will misunderstand you, and most people won’t even notice you got it ‘wrong’. And if someone stops you to correct you, do what I do and give them an odd quizzical look (as if to say ‘what did you do that for?’) and carry on with what you were saying. And if that person continues to stop you to correct you, either (a) find someone else to talk to, or (b) ask them not to unless you specifically ask for feedback (if it’s someone you want to keep a good relationship with!)

(I found course 3 a bit of a struggle in places - some of the lessons I must have done at least 10 times. But don’t worry, and dal ati - you’ll soon look back and wonder what all the fuss was about.)


It’s good to know it isn’t just me :smiley:


Did you do course 2? I seem to remember bod, fod, mod etc, were covered there (at least in the northern course) , although my memory of the detail is now a little hazy…
…although I do remember Aran saying something like “we’ll go for “bof i” because it’s nice and slangy…”. :slight_smile:
(I think we’re learning to speak like the kids our mothers didn’t want us to play with… :smiling_imp: )

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Croeso Mand
You are doing SO well. I did Course 1, Vocab 1, Course 2…and didnt make it to the end of Vocab 2 as I was struggling! Aran put me on Level 1 and Im now 7 challenges into Level 2…it’s been much harder for me lately too, but as Aran says EVERYONE goes through peaks and troughs…just keep going! As you have discovered previously it always makes sense at some point…but it can be frustrating waiting for that penny to drop! You have done brilliantly if you havent used the forum before…I pester everybody regularly to explain things to me, reassure me and keep me going…which these wonderful people all do brilliantly. Diolch yn fawr iawn pawb.


Yes, I did Course 2 and now I feel really stupid because until now I’ve been using bod/fod perfectly happily and for some reason it suddenly felt like the first time. And now that you’ve pointed out the obvious, I can’t understand why it was even a problem. Cheers! :grinning:

Thanks Ruth, I certainly feel a lot better for having asked.

I’ve just listened again to the lesson I was struggling with, and I’m tentatively starting to think that I might be beginning to make sense of it.

Much happier today :relaxed:


I decided to brush over lesson 25 as a freshener. Forgot how hard it was. I postponed the agony by dropping back to 24 first. Slightly easier. Then back to 25. Manageable. Ready for an aspirin and a disgled now. Worth it though. :grinning:


I’m with you !! It’s done my head in too… I’m up to lesson 13 third time around… have to say it is starting to make sense though


Third time? Fair play, you must like pain.