Course 3 Lesson 5 "In a minute" - Northern

About 6 minutes 25 seconds into the lesson there are a couple of examples requiring translation of the phrase “in a minute” eg “you’ll see the answer in a minute”. I found it hard to hear exactly how “in a” was being translated but it sounded like “yn a” or “na” or “yna”. None of these sounded right so I looked up “minute” in my Modern welsh Dictionary and for “I’ll be back in ten minutes” it suggests, “bydda i’n ôl ymhen deng munud”. This would mean that for the lesson 5 question I should say “Weli di’r ateb ymhen munud” - but this is nothing like what I heard in the lesson. Can anyone please help?

Hi, Gerald! I’ve just listened and they’re saying - “Weli di’r ateb mewn munud

Mewn munud is, as Kim says, what you’re hearing - ‘ymhen munud’ would be a bit more ‘proper’, though :sunny:

Thanks to you both. I simply hadn’t thought of “mewn”.

Rather entertaining little dialogue between Iestyn and Aran on this matter on the old forum…

Very instructive and useful from both parties, of course!

This is a very minor thing of course, but it does put me in mind of one thing. Both Aran and Iestyn are amongst the best sources you could get for a feel of the Welsh language, and everything they say you can take to the bank!

But I am now used to getting contradictory answers on how the Welsh language is used from every Welsh speaker I speak to. Not just how they use it mind- but in a “oh yes, you will/won’t hear people say that” sort of way. But also from listening with my own ears to people speaking!

I think it’s great :smile:

Goes along with using Welsh however you d**n well please, in the same way as you use your first language.

[hope this doesn’t come across in the wrong way- I have a great deal of gratitude for all the answers both Aran and Iestyn give, and they are always amongst the best you will get from anyone!]

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Thank you for posting that link to the old forum. The posting also contained an example of another topic that I’ve posted today - the linking of words like achos and pam with bod. I can see examples in the Modern Welsh Dictionary - though it isn’t clear whether these are the only two linking words for which there may be a need to add bod nor under what circumstances.

Yup, I think that’s an inevitable part of being a Welsh speaker :sunny: