Course 3: Lesson 25 Question

There are two sentences towards the beginning of this lesson for which the translation confused me a bit (Note: please correct my Welsh…if I’ve got the spelling wrong):
Sentence One
‘Can you put the ball next to the dog?’
'Alloch chi roi’r pêl wrth (o mêl a ci)
Here I thought it would be ‘wrth y ci’…not sure if I’ve heard ‘o mel a ci’ before or where the construction comes from

Sentence Two
‘We can think about going away a little more often’
'Gallo ni meddwl am mynd bant (bach yn amlach)
Here I thought it would be ‘bach mwy aml’ or ‘bach yn mwy aml’. Did i miss the word amlach?

“Wrth ymyl” in the first sentence, I assume (haven’t heard it, but that seems to be it!)
In the second, “amlach” means “mwy aml”.
“Oftener” and “more often”, if you see what I mean!

Bach yn fwy aml would also, of course, be completely fine…:slight_smile:

Augh…‘amlach’…I should’ve gotten that. I’ve been poring over Essential Welsh Grammar for ages.

Also, thanks Aran…definitely reassuring.