Course 3, Lesson 14 Northern (I'm collecting books for the village hall)

What am I hearing? At about 34.30 minutes into the lesson, the exercise, “I’m collecting books for the Village Hall” gets translated as “Dw i’n casglu llyfrau i (gwrfen???) a’r Neuadd y Pentre”.
Please help with the word in brackets. I’ve tried “donate” in the dictionary and just get “rhoi”. Is it possible that I’m hearing “gwerthu’n” to mean “to sell at the Village Hall”?

What you are missing is “ar gyfer”. So the whole sentence is “Dw i’n casglu llyfrau ar gyfer neuadd y pentre”.


Thanks, Tygerc,
“Ar gyfer” meaning, I now learn from my dictionary, “for” or, “for the benefit of” is something that I simply don’t remember coming across earlier - though I may well have simply forgotten it.
Thank u=you again, anyway.