Course 1 southern lesson 9 - diolch

I very recently posted a message on the forum asking for help with something in Course 1 Southern Lesson 9.

I know that if everyone said “thank you” every time they were helped, it would clog up the Forum. However, as this was my first post, |I feel I would like to say thank you to the people who helped me.

Posting for the first time on a forum is always a bit daunting - but the helpful and friendly replies I received have encouraged me to use the forum again.

So diolch yn fawr, iestyn, brigitte, faithless78 and owainlurch!


Its always great to show your appreciation of help received Gavin, and much appreciated by those you thank publically. Well done for making your first few posts. It would be great to hear more from you as you progress through the course. Before very long it will be you helping others, and so the cycle goes…

Croeso eto!


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Oh, you’re welcome, Gavin!
I can’t speak for anyone else who answered, but I enjoy giving other Welsh language learners whatever help in any small way I can (it all adds up!), so no thanks (public or otherwise!) needed!

So, speaking for myself, though I wouldn’t normally do this, as it is your first time saying thank you, I’ll just say thank you for saying thank you :wink:


Thank you, Gavin, for learning Welsh, and for taking the daunting step of posting your question on the forum. If everyone had the guts and cmmitment to ask their questions here, then we’d have even more satisfied customers speaking Welsh and boosting our language. I hope your story inspires others to follow!

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