Course 1, Gwers 2 question

In “Guide to the complete Course 1 Lessons (North)” is there a typographical error in the third entry under Patterns Introduced for Gwers 2?

Should, “Ynwd, dw i’n …” be written as “Yndw, dw i’n”?

It’s been driving me crazy for a couple hours and it just occurred to me that it might be something as simple as a typo.


Yes it’s a typo. :Oops: To err is human. So there’s proof a human did it. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Learning the questions/responses in Gwers 2 is more challenging than I’d like to admit. I’ve cheated a bit by referring to the patterns Introduced on the “Guide to the complete Course 1 Lessons.”

My wife, Kathryn, decided to learn Welsh with me after hearing how quickly things were going using SSiW. That’s great help for both of us!

Best thing to do is to force yourself to exercise your listening muscles and be prepared to accept the frustration that comes from not succeeding as easily as you expect to… You won’t be able to refer to notes while having a conversation and having a natter is what you are trying/training to do! It’s that skill of recognising words/patterns that is the Holy Grail and even if you use the pause button or repeat lessons 2,7or more times, if that what you need (and trust me, we all repeat lessons) then that’s the thing to do. Sounds a bit less than clever, because you’ve used your brain in coming up with a “quicker” solution, but learning as a child would, by repetition, really is the way forward. When you get cheesed off with a particular phrase/sentence, ignore it and move on. Then go back to it a while later, four days, a week even and you’ll be probably be amazed that during the lack of direct conscious effort, your subconscious has sorted it for you. Exercising your subconscious is quite important, as that’s how/where the work is done to transfer material from your working memory to your permanent memory.
Grief I can be long-winded at times! If you’re still awake, pat yourself on the back! Several times!
Pob lwc!
Good luck!

Wonderful news that your wife has joined you - a learning partner is a truly wonderful resource!
And I’m sure Aran will love your overall response!