Cornel Y Siaradwyr Thornbury

The next meetup has been cancelled (due to Coronovirus of course). I shall post here and email out to our regular attendees as and when things change.

The next sgwrs will be virtual using Zoom at the usual time of 14:30 on Wednesday 29th April.

Eleven of us enjoyed a great little Zoom chat instead of our usual meetup in Hawkes House. With Coffee’s at the ready, (at least some of us), we carried on till around 16:00 with no time limit imposed by Zoom which was nice. I tried my best to make sure that everyone had a chance to speak as we moved from one person to the next and then asked a few questions. Sometimes I find that Zoom chats get rather dominated by just a couple of people and it becomes hard to ‘jump in’. I tried not to ‘over structured’ it as I think that spontaneity is also important, but by the time we shifted to a ‘free for all’, everyone I think felt confident enough to jump in and have a say.

There were a couple who hadn’t used Zoom before, but they seemed to get the hang of it quite quickly, and we also welcomed Alison from near Bath who was pleased to see that there is an active group at least fairly close (ish) to where she lives.

I am planning the next chat in a couple of weeks time on May 13, usual time of 14:30

We enjoyed our usual chat via Zoom again on Wednesday 13th. Nine of us were present for a nice 40 minute chat! Next one in a couple of weeks time on Wed 27th at 14:30!

Another chat over Zoom was held last Wednesday (27th May) at our usual time of 14:30. I think there were ten of us. We kept it to 40 minutes (after which time we were kicked off), although I know that usually, if you want to carry on, you can just use the same link to start the meeting over again and get another 40 minutes. We also experimented with ‘Breakout Rooms’ which is a good way of allowing more conversation with smaller groups splitting off. It works even on the ‘Free’ subscription, but you need to enable the feature in ‘settings’. The next planned chat is at the usual time, i.e. the last Wednesday of the month, June 24th. No doubt it will be across Zoom again. We are all looking forward to the time when we may be able to return to the cafe, although that could be a while off yet, especially i we still need to maintain social distancing of 2m apart. Oh well, Gawn ni weld.

Well, we’re back, sort of! A few of us braver souls met up in Hawkes House in June. July’s face to face meetup was cancelled (so we ‘Zoomed’ instead) because Hawkes House was closed during the day due to Covid related staff shortages. Anyway, our next planned get together will be Tuesday 31st of August at 14:30 in Hawkes House. Note that our get togethers will be shifting to the last TUESDAY of the month, mainly because I signed up for a Uwch course on Wednesdays! Please let me know if you are interested in joining us. @Deborah-SSi

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HI there, Yate based learner here. All being well i’ll be there.

Jon W

That’s great, looking forward to seeing you there. If you drop me an email (to ) I can add you to our email list. I usually email out an invite a few days before.

We had an enjoyable meetup in Hawkes House on the last Tuesday of August. There were 11 of us, including a couple of new folks (Jonathan & Bob) together with a lot of ‘regulars’. I’m already looking forward to our meetup at the end of September!

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I found it excellent, a good opportunity to practise with native Welsh speakers ! Looking forward to the next one ! Many thanks

Another great little meetup in Hawkes House today. I received a few ‘apologies’ (including shortage of petrol!), but there were still 9 of us which included Jonathan again, plus Rosemary Burgess who also found out about or group through SSIW! So, next meetup will be at the end of October, Tuesday 26th in the back room at Hawkes House.

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Hi Phil,
Just to let you know in advance, i wont be at the October one, i’ll be on holiday in Salisbury for a few days. All being well i’ll be at the November meet up.


Jon W

Great meet up again in Hawkes House yesterday (Tuesday 14:30) for our monthly get together. Great to welcome Andy Woolley (from SSIW) who joined us. Eleven of us enjoyed a nice sgwrs a phaned (neu paned).

The next get together will be at after Christmas on the last Tuesday of the month which is 25th January.


Another pleasant sgwrs a phaned was held on 25th Jan. This time there were just 8 of us but the conversation flowed and it was lovely to meet up again after the Christmas Break. The next meet up will be on the 22nd Feb (usual place, Hawkes House at 14:30).

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Great meetup again on 22nd Feb with 11 of us enjoying a very pleasant Paned a sgwrs. Nice to welcome John Davies for the first time. The next meetup should be Tuesday 29th March in Hawkes House as usual.

I haven’t posted here for a little while, however, our monthly meet ups have been happening as usual. At our last meetup on Tuesday (26th), there were 14 of us enjoying lively chats over our favourite drinks. The next meetup should be on August 30th which as usual is the last Tuesday of the month. If you are interested in coming along, just let me know and I can add you to my email distribution group.

Last chat of the year is scheduled for next week, the last Tuesday of the month which is Nov 29th at 14.30 in Hawkes House (as usual).

@PhilgJones Hello. I will soon be moving to Thornbury area and would love to get back to speaking Welsh. I was born in West Wales and spent most of my school years there. I even managed to get an 0 level in Welsh! But, 40-odd years of living away from Wales and I’ve pretty much lost it all :frowning: I’m wondering if the group would be suitable for me? I’ve just signed up to an online beginners course with (Gwent) so I should be able to say hello and how are you at least :slight_smile: Diolch yn fawr, Sandy.

Hi Sandy, yes, it would be great to see you. We meet usually on the last Tuesday of the month in the back of Hawkes House in the centre of town. Numbers vary between half a dozen of us to more than a dozen. Standards of Welsh vary too so don’t worry, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Drop me an email to: and I can add you to my email distribution list. I usually email out a reminder a few days before. The next one should be on Tuesday the 31st at 14:30.
Hwyl am y tro, - Phil

Diolch Phil!

I’ve sent you an email.