CorCenCC - National Corpus of Contemporary Welsh

This extensive project recording the contemporary use of Welsh across a variety of spoken and written media is offering an opportunity for SSiWers to contribute, as they are keen to get input from Welsh speakers of differing abilities.

There will be more information in this week’s newsletter, but to give you an idea, here’s part of a report on the project from Gareth Watkins (@GarethW) :

We’ve developed an app (for iPhone/iPad at the moment, and an Android version is coming soon) which will allow you to record your Welsh conversations and send them to us so that we can transcribe your language and include it in CorCenCC. More information is available here: – it really would be great to see some of you trying it out! Please let your Welsh-speaking friends and family know too! You can also help spread the word about CorCenCC by following us on Twitter ( and Facebook ( – diolch yn fawr! Meanwhile, keep up your hard work with SSiW! Daliwch ati!

Read about the project at CorCenCC - National Corpus of Contemporary Welsh and watch for the information in the newsletter.

Then head back here with your thoughts on the project.


This sounds fantastic! I’m definitely going to record something and Emma is keen too. I’ll try and get a few of her friends involved.

I’m seeing some of her family tomorrow so I might try and record them too.

@Iestyn perhaps we could record some convos on Bootcamp? I don’t want to put any pressure on, just leave the phone on the table at the Ship or something (with informed consent of course). What do you think? Wrong place?


Sound a very worthy project and I look forward to offering how a Cardi learner talks. :smile:
It currently seems to depend on an App (ychafi), however, so I’ll need to power up my android tablet.


Thanks everyone for your positive comments :smile:

Any questions about the project, please do let me know

@AnthonyCusack – recordings of bootcamp conversations would be great, as you say, as long as there is informed consent. It may be worth pointing out that all recordings will be anonymised, so no one will be able to trace back what is said to you or any of our contributors.

@hewrop – in addition to our all singing all dancing App, we are using more traditional methods of collecting Welsh voices. My colleagues and I are travelling all around Wales with our trusty digital sound recorders, so if you are attending a coffee morning or other Welsh language event, or even if you are just meeting a friend for a catch up/ practice session, please do let us know. We would love to include you in the project. Oh, and if you have your own digital recorder and want to record yourself and then e-mail us the recording you are more than welcome to do that as well.


Thanks for joining us here :slight_smile:

Do you want any form of Welsh voice? Any particular conversational topic?


It’s important that our corpus is as representative as possible of how Welsh is used, that the content of the corpus reflects real world usage. What this means is that we are trying to persuade people from different social backgrounds, from different geographical locations, from different educational backgrounds etc to contribute to the corpus (and on any topic at that).

The message that we are trying to get across is ‘We Want Your Welsh’, whether you have just started SSiW lesson one, or whether you have just won the chair at the Eisteddfod!

Talking of the Eisteddfod, we will be there in August if anyone wants to contribute there!