Contradicting a positive statement in Welsh :-)

At my son’s learner’s group meeting last night, he decided (yet again) to tease my granddaughter by saying “Dydy Izzie ddim yn hoffi pwdin” (Izzie doesn’t like pudding) to which she quickly and indignantly replied “Izzie DOES (the English word) hoffi pwdin!” :laughing:

This reminded me that in French you have an easy way of contradicting a positive statement using “si” instead of “oui”. For example, if someone says “Tu n’aimes pas les desserts” (You don’t like puddings), you can deny this by saying “Si,.je les adore”, I believe “doch” serves a similar purpose in German (@brigitte ?)

My question is: does Welsh have a similar one word construction without saying something like “on the contrary” or “not at all” or “what are you talking about”? :smile:


Yes, it does.

The most concise way that I could come up with from my limited experience would be Ond wi YN!
A very interesting question, and I hope someone else comes along with more insight!


I don’t think there is a contradictory yes in Welsh. “Ydw wir” with a tone of indignation would work.


Helo Huw
Hendrik beat me, but I feel flattered that you think I could help with a grammatical question.:grinning:


And perhaps up north, it might be "Yndw wir!"

and/or "Ond dwi’n!"

Think I have heard some things like that on Rownd a Rownd, and I’ve definitely heard contradictions in the 2nd person familiar, i.e. if someone says they have not or do not something, and the other person counters with "Ond wyt!"

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Ah, yes. Could you just use the relevant positive verb?

Ydy/Yndy or whatever, in a sort of Blytonesque way
(do too, shall, etc)

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You’ll hear people emphasise ‘YN’ as a way to reflect this - which I believe @iestyn dislikes greatly! - otherwise, as Anthony said, ‘yndw/versions thereof’ is probably the closest match…