Congrats to the Eisteddfod winners!

Well done all you wonderful winners! I’ve enjoyed entering and am already looking forward to next years competition…
I actually wrote three poems for the Englyn Milwr category and would like to share here the other two, as we can only enter once. I wrote all three in one morning and couldnt decide at first which one to go with. Tell me what you think of them, if you like, rubbish or otherwise, I’m strictly an amateur :neutral_face:


Wedi blino’n racs ydw i,

A does dim rheswm am y ci

Ffili teimlo fel y fi…!


Wedi blino’n racs ydw i,

Gorwedd yn fyng nghell cas du.

Ond Duw’n rhoi gobaith yn llu!

Thanks in advance!


I love the first here one. Well done! I’ve tried to do something but completely failed. I find anyone who can write Eglyn Milwr some kind of master of words, going with such strict rules to write it.

Da iawn ti ac llongyfarchiadau! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I kind of have an idea and stick with it, but if after a while I realise that it would never work, I throw it away, taflu e i ffwrdd! Sometimes I start with a phrase and the rest of it develops from there. I wonder if that strikes a chord with anyone else? There are creative people in my family and my Norwegian-born grandmother wrote some beautiful stuff. I’d like to encourage you to “Dal ati”, and I do, but I also realise that you could damage your head by hitting it against a brick wall… I hope you recognise that idiom?

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O yes, I do.

I’ll give some try writing poems or even Eglyn Milwr and if I find something what would seam OK to me I better save it for next year’s Eisteddfod. :slight_smile:

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