Confusion about similar expressions

I am now doing Challenges 9 and 10 of Level 2. I keep getting confused with ma’n nhw and ‘y nhw’. I suppose that in a book they would be ‘y maent hwy’ and ‘yr ydyn nhw’ but I can’t work out when to use either one. I keep getting it wrong.

Help appreciated.
Beryl Thomas

There’s no * yr ydyn nhw (which, if it existed, would be * yr ydynt hwy, but y maent hwy does that job) - but there IS ydynt, which is used in answers, and in identification sentences for example. So things like

Maen nhw’n dod = (LW) Y maent (hwy) yn dyfod - They are coming


Ydyn nhw’n dod? Ydyn = (LW) A ydynt (hwy) yn dyfod? Ydynt - Are they coming? Yes.


Myfyrwyr ydyn nhw = (LW) Myfyrwyr ydynt - They are students

Does that help at all? :slight_smile: