I got through the old course, not without problems, but I got there. Have only recently come back to SSiW and thought I’d try the new course. Suddenly phrases and formats are different. In the old course, possession - e.g. ‘I have a cat’ ‘Mae cath gyda fi’ but in this new one the format is different. Seems to be reversed.
Same with past tense, suddenly it’s different.
I thought I had certain things sussed but now it’s turned me on my head.

They’re just different ways of saying the same things, or subtle variations on the same things.

In English you could say “I have a young cat”, “I’ve a young cat”, “I’ve got a young cat”, (and a bunch of other variations) all with largely interchangeable meanings too.

Just go through the new course and say whatever comes to mind. I tend to pick some styles from the new course, some from the old course, and other variations (possibly incorrect variations at that!) besides :smile:

Just don’t worry about it (™ SSiW etc.)

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I haven’t noticed changes to the possessive particularly, but as it looks like you are doing southern, and I do northern, maybe they are different in that respect. Plus what wondersheep said.

As for past tense, etc, well, the different verb forms (including the short-forms, previously held back till Course 3!) are introduced earlier, and somewhat mixed in together (as opposed to going through one verb form and then going through all possible variations of it for different sorts of people, as tended to happen in the old format). It is a bit unsettling at first if one is used to the old format, but give it a try anyway.