Confused with wording

Flin is a mutated blin = angry :angry:

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Oh diolch! I had misread it all this time as ffin and thought he was from a border!!
Oh, @Ran you can join posts up, like I am now or I could press reply, think of something else…
edit: and add it in an edit!. (I don’t know if that is helpful!)
p.s. Are you really 82? I am ashamed. I am younger than you and too frail and unfit to volunteer for anything, much less working at Chirk castle! Da iawn ti…or should I use a respectful ‘chi’?

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ti’n iawn, ni’n ffrindiau,gobeithio?

Oh frindiau, yn wir!

Blin covers a whole spectrum of unpleasantness, depending on context. In my case, I like to think that it translates more as grumpy. :laughing:


Dw’i ddim yn credu that you are grumpy or angry!