Confused with "I can"

Hello everyone! Simple question, I seem to have come across an issue with the Northern Welsh form of “I can”. My partner tells me that it’s “fedra i”, and that “medra i” is incorrect and isn’t ever used in North Wales. He’s a native Welsh speaker from Caernarfon. Is it only a certain dialect that uses “medra i”?

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In affirmative statements, Medra i is gramatically correct, but often natural speech deviates from grammatical rules, so a lot of people use the soft-mutated form Fedra i.
(And in questions and negative statements Fedra i? and Fedra i ddim are used, anyway, so using it for statements makes it a bit easier.)


Thank you so much! That helps a lot.

The mutation is there because it should be preceded by the positive identifier “mi” so “mi fedra i …” but the “mi” is usually dropped in speech.

I think somewhere in the lessons you are asked to say “if I can” which then doesn’t mutate so “os medra i …”


Ah, dwi’n dallt rwan. Diolch yn fawr!

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