Confused by would

Still getting knickers in a twist with will / would. Could do with a we chart showing all the N Welsh forms , but canr find one anywhere… anyone able to help? (wanna sick on fridge etc)

If your knickers are so twisted that you want to sick on your fridge, then it’s time to back off a bit and to lean some yoga or meditation or something… :wink:

But really…

What “would” forms are you confused by? And are you confused as in freeze when it comes up in a lesson, or as in you sometimes or often use the word?


Of course, it’s up to you - but instead of going full chart on it, I’d recommend that you choose ONE sentence with ‘would’ in it, that you’re likely to want to say, and use that ONE sentence over and over until it’s completely automatic for you… :slight_smile:

Then move on to another - by the time you’ve done four or five examples, you’ll probably feel a lot happier about it… :slight_smile:


Ah now I like that idea… especially choosing my own sentences - but still need to check what the “correct” words are!! :blush:


Ha ha! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: oops! Confused as in go blank then panic then the next time it comes up think “that’s the one I don’t know “. Need to do something to circumvent the giving up thing. Like Aran s idea though!

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I use “fasa” for would
Faswn i - I would
Faset ti - you would
Fasen ni - we would
Fasa huna’n neis - that would be nice
Fasa fo - he would
Fasai’r plant yn licio fo - the children would like it
Fasa neis gweld ti fory - it would be nice to see you tomorrow (not sure if that last example was a bit slangy but that is the way I hear it said

If you wanted to answer yes to a question or statement starting with fasa then you would say “fasa”

It is confusing as there are so many ways to say would but most people I speak to seem to use fasa but maybe it would differ depending which part of Wales you were in


You should be aware that as well as the version Sam gives, there is another way of saying it.
I believe the difference is mainly regional, and both are equally correct:

byddwn i - I would

Then continue like the other version, but replace the “bas-” with “bydd-”.

It’s worth knowing because you’ll probably encounter it sometimes.

Edit: You might find this page slightly helpful:

(some example sentences there)


I have always been taught “faswn i” for “I would”. I live in North Wales and I think that’s what I hear locally. I thought byddwn was more formal/South Wales? But of course both are correct and both will be understood.

I like faswn because you get the faswn i/taswn i pattern. “Faswn i brynu car newydd taswn i ddigon o bres” / “I would buy a new car if I had enough money.”


Thanks all. Now to go and craft some sentences I might use! :grin:


That would be a great idea! :wink: